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Venom: Spider-Man - Separation Anxiety

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Reviewer: Jeff Date: Jul 22, 2002
If you have played "Maximum Carnage" and are thinking about playing this Spider-man/Venom team-up, prepare to be dissapointed. This is a shoddy, at best, remake of Carnage and doesn't deserve to be placed in the same light.

Graphics: 5
On its own, this would have barely passed as an 8. However, in comparison to the original, this SUCKS!!! Neither of the heroes have the muscle tone they once had, the defining lines, or the cool shading. Even the sheilds they make out of webbing (Spidey) and skin (Venom) lack in comparison. The best looking graphics are the intesly detailed pictures at the start of the game. Also, when web slinging, you don't kick anymore; but that's gameplay and I'm getting ahead of myself.

Sound: 7
The music is nothing without the Green Jelly soundtrack I at least know and love from Carnage. The music sounds imported and digitized, not a good combo.

Gameplay: 6
Since you can't survive very long on one player mode, the only way to win is with another person. You have to stick with the hero you pick at the beginning, there are no superhero cameos, and the once easy to beat street punks have gained the superhuman power to kick your butt. The password feature is a nice addition, but it hardly makes up for this games many many shortcomings.

Overall: 6
This game barely deserves this six. It is a crummy follow up to Maximum Carnage and should not be played by anyone. If you want a true Spider-man game, go for Carnage. If you want to rip your hair out in frustration on one player mode, then by all means, Separation Anxiety is the game for you!

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