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Reviewer: Boris B. Grishenko Date: Jul 9, 2004
For starters, let me say that this game follows only the roghly established principles of the movie. Fans of SG-1 are going to feel a little bewildered if they play it expecting developed enemies like the Jaffa and Goa'uld. Instead you get to shoot bugs and Egyptial aliens with superpowers. Johnathan 'Jack' O'Neil is still your hero, but he is definitely based off the movies actor and not Richard Dean who plays O'Neil in the series. All these things arn't BAD mind you, just different. The game itself is a fun way to kill a couple of hours.

Graphics: 7
The graphics of the standard game are actually quite decent. The sprites have many frames, giving them fluid motion, the backgrounds are detailed if a little overused, and there is stuff that is just plain fun to look at. What the heck is with the portraits in cutscenes then? They spent a little on the rest of it, so why not get somebody to come in and use some more time to make these look right. Also there are some things that could stand more detail, 7/10 overall.

Sound: 6
It's never really unpleasent to hear the sound. There are several music themes that don't grate, and for the most part nothing really annoying. Hearing your several thousandth bullet shot (Another movie-ism, grabbing the staff weapons seems to be something they won't do, so you always have some sort of semi-automatic gun) gets a little old however. 6/10 overall.

Gameplay: 5
"Could stand some work." Shooting at bugs for 2 hours may be enjoyment to some, but it just got old to go running back and forth between NPCs telling you where to go next. That's the whole game. Right up until the end. Ok, so its broken in a couple of places where you actually get to fly a death glider around, in a sort of early star wars game mode, but ultimately there is no variety here. 5/10 overall.

Overall: 6
The game is average to just slightly above. Your expectations may vary on how much you know about the stargate universe, and how much you like sidescrolling shooter games. I give it a 6/10 total however.

If you know how to get it cheap, this might be an okay buy.
Hopefully you don't think I've steered you wrong.


Reviewer: Condor Date: Oct 1, 2001
This isnt the best game ive played but its good if you want a break from all the RPGs.
You play the guy thats plays MacGyver and you are running around in the desert shooting giant bugs and looking for your soldiers. That damn Daniel that gives you your missions also dissapears all the time (you will hate him) The desert is getting boring after a while but theres things behind it.
If you want a break, take a beer or a glass whiskey and watch TV. But play Stargate its a good game.