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Street Fighter Alpha 2

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Reviewer: Daniel Xiong Date: Jul 9, 2001
Who would of thought that Street Fighter Alpha 2 was possible for the SNES. I'm very impressed. The graphics are the same exact, just like the like arcade and PSX. But I was kind of disappointed and impressed with the sound at the same time. The music was okay but sounds like (it is) the degraded version of the arcade's. Most of the CPS 2 sound effects are there, but it doesn't sound as crisp. Capcom must of degraded it for the graphics and gameplay. The gameplay itself was pretty good, but there was a few flaws. What happened to Evil Ryu? The only secret characters were classic Chun Li and the unplayable Super Gouki(Akuma). But all of the regular characters are there. There's no loading like the PSX's, but the game pauses right after the announcer says fight (which is okay). But it's not okay you KO your opponent (especially when you do a Super Comb Finish which kills it if any of you played the Arcade/PSX versions)!!! It's missing some of the special effects compared the PSX and CPS 2 versions. But overall the game plays just like the PSX version with hidden mid-bosses and everything. All of the Alpha counters and Custom combs are there which is a big plus. Even though it's not perfect like the Arcade version, and I say that this is the best fighting for Super Nintendo, PERIOD...... Better than Killer Instinct.


Reviewer: Brad Guerrie Date: Jul 4, 2001
This is among the best of the Street Fighter series. It features several interesting features not seen in other games in this series as well as some of the most outstanding graphics seen on this console. It's one flaw may be its play control, it suffers slightly from the arcade translation. As in most of the series, there are a couple of characters that are hard to use and have lousy results and a couple of characters that rock the house. The rest of the crew just sort of somewhere in the middle.