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Street Racer

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Reviewer: Draco Date: Jul 8, 2002
Just your average oddball writing this review. *lol* sorry WAY off topic. Well I played this game and was TOTALLY hooked on it, I mean I couldn't stop playing from hours on end. Just totally awsome I'd say, it may look unusual but I love it!

Graphics: 9
Could do with a bit better detailing but then again, hey this is Snes and it's very well done for this system.

Sound: 10
Very well done music, it was stuck in my head for weeks. I've been totally crazy without listening to the music, just try watching someone who hasn't heard this music for a day.

Gameplay: 9
Controls are a bit confusing off hand at first but once you get used to knowing each character and what they can do the better you'll play. It takes time which most people don't have so no one downloads these types of games.

Overall: 10
Overall I just give this game a perfect 10! I just enjoyed how it was made and all the fun mini-games included into this game. You gotta try it out!