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Super Bases Loaded 2

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Reviewer: Mike Date: Jul 26, 2005
Super Bases Loaded 2 is a great BaseBall video game for any BaseBall fan! The game is very basic with decently well graphics. Unlike most BaseBall games, it's much easier to figure out and pretty easy to control! Anyone would love it!

Graphics: 8
I give the graphics a 8 for SNES basics. The graphics fit well, you will understand what everything is and it's good enough to have fun with.

Sound: 8
The sounds are pretty basic, no catchy tunes but there are some noticiable or known songs that play when someone comes to bat. The sound effects are pretty good and you can tell from the crack of the bat if you hit a got ball or somthing that will stay close by.

Gameplay: 9
The game play is excellent! Unlike most baseball games, pitching and batting are easy. Most baseball games make it seem impossible to know where you will hit the ball once it's hit, this game makes hitting easy and you can easily tell the diffrence between a "ball" and a "strike."

People will have fun with the season mode as you can build a team of your own using 4 default teams "Rockfords," "Peorias," "Auroras," and the "Urbanas." You can change player's names and define their stats!

Overall: 8
Overall it's one of the best baseball games. Easy to play and understand and the re-play factor is pretty high. I defiantly recommend it over any other SNES baseball game (even though the first SBL is the ONLY baseball SNES game I never tryed out)

No additional comments really, have fun with the game, some things to know are for pitching:
^ + pitch button = Slow Ball
V + pitch button = Fst Ball

Combining these with the left and right buttons will add curves to th balls

Try using the slow ball a lot, the comp will fall for it and other strike out or fly the ball into an out fielder's glove.

Batting: Staying in the top area of the box and moving around will help making good contact hits (and you can get HR's easier then staying at the bottom). Staying at the bottom will put your ball in the air, but you have a possible 1/8 chance of a hr and 1/2 chance at this hit putting you on base.