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Super Bomberman

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Reviewer: Fuzzman Date: Nov 28, 2003
Picture it, running around and blowing people up all day long for almost no apparent reason what-so-ever, sweet huh? Yeah I thought you'd like that. Bomberman is a revolutionary game about blowing people up, and then blowing your friends up.....I am unsure if there is a plot to this game but its not something im terribly concerned about..

Graphics: 7
The graphics are ok, but im not one to gripe about graphics unless they're really really bad, now with this game you dont need high-tech graphics, all you need is to be able to distinguish your guy from the others which isnt hard seeing as everyone's a diffrent color.

Sound: 5
The sound isnt great, but, once again you dont really need sound for this game seeing as you can see everything thats going on and dont have to rely on sound, normally I just pop a CD in the CD player and get to work blowing everyone up.

Gameplay: 9
The gameplay rules, this game is a hardcore addiction for me, once you start to play this game you wont wanna stop and once your friends come over and start playing with you they wont leave.

Overall: 9
I give this game a 9 out of 10. 9 beacause some of the other bomberman games are a bit better and have other options and because although they really dont matter to me the graphics and sound arent perfect.

Well, this is a great game. I suggest any bomberman game to anyone who has a knack for blowing they're friends into oblivion!