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Super Mario Kart

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Reviewer: Zach L. Date: Oct 31, 2004
This game is one of the best racing games ever made. I still play this on my SNES every few days.

Graphics: 8
The graphics of the racers, weapons, etc are all very good, but the race tracks could have been designed better than they are.

Sound: 7
The sounds are diverse and pleasent to the ear. You may think they recycle some sounds too much, though.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay is solid with diverse weapons, different obstacles, and it's just easy to drive like a pro. The brakes work smoothly and out-driving the other racers is just plain easy.

Overall: 9
This game may be old, but it is still awsome. This game gave birth to so many titles in the racing genre. The sound is clear, the graphics are vivid, and the gameplay is some of the best ever on the SNES.

This game is a must have for any game library. I really enjoy this game, and I think you will, too.


Reviewer: Runefreak99 Date: Jun 3, 2004
A Classic racing game comprised of all your favorite Nintendo characters. I.e. Bowser, Princess, a koopa, Toad, Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong Jr. etc. etc. A very good game that has unfortunately been copied many times.

Graphics: 9
The graphics are very good for SNES, but could have been slightly better. The detial is great on the racers, backround, track, and weapons.

Sound: 8
The sounds were very good, and were more than just beeps like some cheap-budget games. The music is not repetitive (as long as you can finish the race in less than 10 minutes) and keeps you entertained.

Gameplay: 10
Even though this game is pretty old now, it's still one of my favorite racing games there is. Even with all the xbox, ps2, gamecube etc. out now on the market, I still play this game all the time. (I hate to admit it but I can't beat the last race on 150cc :( It has numerous weapons and items you can get on the track to help you or hurt your oponents. Although I love the racing part of the game, my favorite is the Battle Mode. All the items in this part are made to hurt your oponent. Three hits to either of you and you loose. It's very addicting.

Overall: 9
If you like racing games, this is a must-have. No other racing games on the SNES platform can compare to Super Mario Kart. You could beat all the levels and still come back for more.

This is a game for almost anyone, enless you REALY hate racing games.


Reviewer: Sonical Date: Sep 14, 2001
One word describes this game: LEGENDARY!
It started a whole new genre; the "Kart-em-up" which just about every cartoon series has used to make a game.

Constantly imitated, but never bettered, (until the Gameboy Advance version!) it was a shining beacon of how graphics and sound really are of no importance, gameplay is what matters, and it had it in bucket loads!
The graphics are not very good, but adequate and serve their purpose. LIkewise the sound is nothing to shout about, but features some catchy little tunes....some of which have been knicked from Super Mario World.

Eight familiar Nintendo characters, dozens of courses based on the levels in Super Mario World, and some whacky weapons equals pure fun.
The game is still very challenging. You have two classes of kart, (50cc and 100cc) and each class has three cups: Mushroom, Flower and Star..being the hardest. However the 100cc contained an additional Special Cup, that if won unlocked the even faster, (and harder) 150cc.

Admittedly, the games main appeal was it's two player race and, (more importantly) BATTLE modes. I swear I lost weeks of my life whipping my mates in battle mode. The sheer joy of rocketing round a corner, and then firing a red shell right up their backsides to win the match was incomparable.

Unfortunetly, that is somewhat lost in the translation to the PC unless you have two controllers and a decent PC.

Still, Mario Kart remains a game that defined a genre, and set the standard for all to follow. Only problem is that it set the standard so high that even Mario Kart 64 couldn't better it. Nintendo prove, once again, that games are about great gameplay, not flashy visuals.