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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

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Reviewer: Runefreak99 Date: Jun 3, 2004
This is what legends are made from. This is the perfect RPG and has everything that defines one. Not even the FF series could beat this on SNES, and SquareSoft made this game.

Graphics: 10
AMAZING graphics for SNES. Wonderful colors and detials in every aspect. Even if you don't enjoy RPG's much, I think you would like this one. I haven't played a game yet on SNES that has better graphics than this game.

Sound: 10
The sounds and music are GREAT. It never gets repetitive (enless you're like me and spend five hours in on spot training) In every world (and most buildings) the sound is different, so you never get bored.

Gameplay: 10
There isn't a word to discribe how fun this game is to play. I've beaten it countless times and I still play it. There are tons of mini games, puzzles, and extras that you will miss the first time around. (And I'd like to know if anyone has actualy got the Super Suit from doing 100 super jumps in a row on one foe in a battle, because sadly, my record is 17 :( And of course, just like in the side-scrolling mario games, there are hidden treasures, except these are much more fun and rewarding than an extra life. There are a total of 39, and even with getting the answers online (which you will most likely need to do) it's still a challenge to get them all. If nothing else makes you want this game, the gameplay will.

Overall: 10
In my opinion, not one thing wrong in the whole game. (And finally...a game where the final boss is HARD to beat)

Any RPG fan MUST try this game, and maybe this will convert some of you non-lovers of RPG's.


Reviewer: Homedogg Date: Apr 15, 2004
Such a great game... and you get made fun of by your friends for loving the classics, but I find it hard to NOT love SNES for making so many great games. It is still by far my favorite system and after playing this game I love it more. It's just the simplicity of the plot and such a kiddy game even a collage student falls in love with. The great graphics, timeless music, and gameplay at it's greatest. I especially love this game for the interactive battle mode using B, A, Y, and X as different sections of your tactics and timed hits and deffensive maneuvers keep you from getting bored during a fight. Although it can be as easy as pie for the little kids of the family, it can keep the older ones mesmerized for hours with the endless and difficult sidequests such as defeating Culex, getting all the secret treasures, and super jumping 30 times (maybe 100 :p). You just can't help but love this game.

Graphics: 10
Graphics were awesome and I think the only get beaten on SNES by Super Metroid and maybe Zelda: link to the past. But heck 3rd place means SUPER graphics. You can tell they put a lot of work into the movies and other things like mushroom kingdom looked good too. Overall graphics rocked da house.

Sound: 10
Sound was great and playing brought back memories with themes from super mario bros. 1, 2, and 3, and super mario world. They also added some new songs too. Did you notice the final fantasy 2 boss music when you fight Culex and the original opening theme after you beat him?

Gameplay: 10
Game play was the best thing this game had to offer and some of the puzzles such as bowsers castle and the sunken ship were actually a bit tough! Once again the battle mode was more interactive and simple than most RPGs. It was fun to read the text which was pretty funny most of the time, and it was also fun to watch mario and those mimes of his hehe.

Overall: 10
Overall 15/10 you should definitely try to get your hands on this game cuz' once again, nothing beats the feel of a REAL control in your hand.


Reviewer: Kyari Date: Dec 10, 2003
Let me just start out by saying that, in my opinion, this game constitutes everything that RPGs stand for. A plot that takes you from A to B with laughs, tears, and adventure on the way. Characters that are developed (in their own accepted idioms) to the point of tweaking. A premise for battle that is extremely simple, but fun enough to keep you going, and hard enough to keep you working. And, a script that never fails to be quirky enough to crack a smile on your face. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is, by far, the template of the perfect Role Playing Game. I can't think of anyone, outside of those who feel too 'old' for such childish humour and gameplay, who would turn their thumbs down at this game. This game is worth every moment of its play time.

Graphics: 10
When I see the graphics of this game, I am immediately reminded of Final Fantasy Tactics. The camera view allows for jumping puzzles not available in previous Mario games. The minimalist 3D sprite animations are variate and perfectly tune the mood of the game to the mood of the characters. I don't think you could ask for much more.

Sound: 10
This is a key soundtrack in the history of gaming. Shimomura and Kondo, together, have managed to compile a bouncy, light, pleasant soundtrack that lapses into deep, contemplative, intelligent, and most of all, creative melodical structure. Their ability to play with music in such an advanced way using such a limited structure (the SPC700 system) is a true testament to the genius put into this game. Simple tracks like 'Hello, Happy Kingdom' (theme from Mushroom Kingdom) bristle with polyphonic intuitiveness, while darker pieces like Weapons Factory (theme from Smithy's factory) show a genuine understanding of complexity. Oh, er, and the sound of Mario jumping is cool.

Gameplay: 8
While I wasn't necessarily impressed with the idea of jumping puzzles that were difficult because of the camera angle, I still must say I find myself constantly amazed at the innovation timed action commands brought to the game. That alone is worth huge merit. I still find myself performing action commands in other RPGs, expecting to dodge moves, or deliver stronger attacks.

The low-number basis of the HP, FP, and Stat system allowed for much more strategic involvement than the regular RPG systems that have you doing 40-70 damage at the beginning of the game. From the start of a battle, you know exactly what to do for the next 5 or more moves. I find that much more impressive than micromanagement.

Overall: 9
I think it should be said here that this is one hilarious game. Every moment of play, I felt like moving on to the next, merely to see what actions the characters were going to take. Everyone from Mario to Bowser himself managed to make me laugh. I truly believe that without the music and the gameplay, the game could stand alone on comedic brilliancy.

In short, I had a great time, beginning to end. The game is full of little sidequests that are just so fun that you actually *want* to do them!

I really hope this takes a high place in the favorite games of everyone who played it. I felt it to be brilliant. For those who have never played, I don't care what excuse you have managed to pluck out of the air to justify your skepticism. THIS GAME IS WORTH YOUR TIME. And if you honestly do find it to be too childish or petty? Well, I can only hope to God you step off of your high plateau, push it aside, and sit down and *have some fun.* You have my promise that you will not regret it.


Reviewer: Hugh Jass Date: Aug 14, 2002
Although i had no idea at the time, this was the first RPG my young 10 year old heart would open itself to. I rented it one stormy night when i saw a copy of a then unknown Mario game sitting on a shelf in Family Video. Little did I know that would start a long love affair with Mario RPG, one that would not end until friends intervened and i was put through a 12 step program. I still occasionally slip and play through it 5 or 6 times, but with the help of my sponsor maybe one day i'll recover and be able to play other games again without immediately becoming disheartened and running back to my 16 bit mistress, sweet SWEET mario that I'm done with that...time for the rest...of the backstory...someone kick me....

Graphics: 10

Sound: 10
The only game where I've actually sat through the music without muting it or striking myself with whatever blunt objects are in my immediate vacinity. Well done.

Gameplay: 10
A perfect beginner's RPG. The menu layout and turn based style are actually cool in this game, and understandable for rpg rookies. It explains the basics of rpg's really well, which can get annoying for vets, but overall takes little away from the gameplay. This game brings a tear to my eye. Other rpg's boast better storylines, but the storyline is very developed and innovative for a Mario game (not that it's that hard, think about the others. "Thank you for saving me, but the princess is in YET ANOTHER CASTLE" isn't exactly groundbreaking).

Overall: 10
An awesome game for Non-Rpgers, mario fans, and rpg beginners alike, but even RPG lovers and veterans will enjoy its qualities such as the minigames, quests, and sturdy plastic cartridge.

Completely devoid of leather clad large breasted women who cast fire spells and provide you with a make beleive girl friend, this game may not be for everyone. but i beleive that the 5.2% of the gaming population that can function without seeing a near naked pixelated vixen jump up and down while moaning and casting a "stimulate" spell will agree that Mario RPG is a great game and a must play.

Your forgotten make-beleive friend,
Hugh jass

writing game reveiws for the rest of us.


Reviewer: Agustín, The Sage Of Fungus Date: Jan 4, 2002
If there's a battle between SMRPG and Paper Mario, Super Mario RPG wins it at most elements, making Paper Mario nothing but a lame remake.

Graphics: 10
The characters might look weird, but they look great in-game. So many graphical details like Vista Hill, Booster Hill (you can see Bowser's castle from there), and how the characters move. Simplistic, but great otherwise.

Sound: 10
Music? It's like it's trying to be orchestrated! Every music for each moment, like the time Mallow finds out that he is not a tadpole and the Sad Song plays. But the best songs of all are the songs from the ending. That's what made the ending SOOOOO great.

Gameplay: 9
Simple for some, complex for experts. Especially when you try to do timed attacks. The batlle system is great, otherwise. And the way Mario is moved is also great in the overworld, because it's like playing an everyday Mario game, but on 3D.

Overall: 10
I'd give it my 10 stars to this jewel. Oh, I forgot about plot, which is great also, compared to other Mario games. I mean, and everyday routine of rescuing Peach being interrupted by a major problem. Here's when the real action comes. Each characters that join you have their own goals, which makes it unique. Each element has been "deluxed" to the top, and that's why it deserves to be accalimed more that any other Mario game.

The first time I played it, I was delighted. When I finished it, I was more than satisfied. A happy ending for everyone. It should also be a happy ending for you. Try it out.


Reviewer: Hawksun Date: Dec 2, 2001
When i first heard about the idea(about six months before the american release) i first thought it was a joke. But then i played the third day after the release and was totally addict until i finished it. Why? By combining the great ambiance and characters of the mario games with Square's abillity to turn every project it touches into a masterpiece you would create a legendary gem.

Graphics: 10
The only full 3-D graphics RPG on the snes. The textures, lighting effects , magic spells and all others are extremely well done. The enemies are detailed and are well designed.

Sound: 9
Most musical compositions are beautiful and well played. But there a lot of annoying themes too(they're not bad, just annoying). The sound effects are good too.

Gameplay: 9
This game has a classical RPG interface, thus it doesn't offer innovation but also it won't confuse you for hours.

Overall: 9
A must-have for RPG beginners. Veterans might be tempted to finish a few of the bombs before playing SMRPG. Trying it is the way to go!

Stuck on a puzzle? A boss too hard for you to beat? Lost in a maze? E-mail and i will help you.


Reviewer: Buttonkid Date: Sep 26, 2001
Well this was in fact the first RPG i ever played so i look back fondly on it. i still regret selling it because i used to play it like every 2 or 3 months all the way through. i downloaded it and expected it would be like seening an old friend again... howerver i think that all the RPGs i played after mario i had a chance to look at it from a different view. Despite what people say this is not ""THE BEST RPG IN THE WORLD"" the best grafics on the snes i must admidt but the sound was a little annoying after a while. but the biggest problem i had with it was that it was to easy. Maybe a good introduction to the RPG platform but definately NOT FOR HARDENED RPG VETERANS. so overall i give mario RPG a 9 great way to hook new gamers into RPGs but if your looking for a somewhat chalenging game pick up a copy of one of the final fantasy series.

PS: Square makes the best RPGs, keep that in mind OK?


Reviewer: Woodwindguy86 Date: Sep 15, 2001
A very interesting game. Although the plot and gameplay still doesn't rank high enough with the SNES Final Fantasies, I'd say this is an excellent RPG. First of all, lets look at the graphics. Geez...this is actually pretty nice. Better than those flat characters. Plus, all movement and even the good old jump is involved in gameplay. Mini-games in this game are also pretty fun. Random battles are similar to that of Chrono Trigger. Touch an enemy, fight them. Moves are great as well. The sound and music are decent and gives the player a 'Mario' type world field. You'll be playing hours with this game guaranteed. Trust me, this RPG ranks with many of the other famous ones.


Reviewer: BMJ Date: Sep 9, 2001
Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite RPGs, right up there with FF3 (US) and Chronotriger. This game is great for anyone. Even if you've never played an RPG before, you should pick this one up. It's got the best graphics and sound of any SNES game I've ever played. It's gameplay is amazing and to top it off it has a great story full of fun characters. The controls are easy to learn, and there aren't dozens of confusing menus as some RPGs tend to have. The only problem I can think of is it seems to end too soon. Not that it's short, it's just that I'd love for the game to keep going. If you're a hardcore FF pplayer, have never played an RPG before, or fall soemwhere in between, you should dl this. You won't be dissapointed.


Reviewer: Rory James Date: Jul 26, 2001
A spectacular example of super nintendo rpg's at their best. Second in my mind, only to ff3(us version), this is the fun pick up and play rpg that I recomend to everyone. A simple story line with veering sub plots, deep character insight (for a video game), and tons of puzzles and villains. It is a definte mario game (by that I mean a save the world laughing all the while type idea) that shows even the die-hard rpg fans that hail to greats like chronotrigger, that not all rpg's have to be non-stop evil war monger filled grit machines. This is an opportuinity to fight geckos, goombas and cakes. That's not to say that this is an all smiles walk-though. I had a pretty tough time beating the pesky Yardovich and finding the lazy shell or grate guy casino. The factory was one of the most brilliant areas i've seen in gaming and though the sound was nothing to write home about, you can't help chattering constantly about this game, I'll guarentee you'll get right into it. My sole beef with the game was how little you need magic for fighting purposes later on in the game. However this game is incredible and I think you'll love it too!


Reviewer: Obesator Date: Jul 5, 2001
I ask you, does it get better than this?

Mario and Zelda had a baby, they called it Super Mario RPG. It grew up and became one of the best RPGs ever, and it lived happily ever after. Well, what else do you want? Its Mazza, in an RPG man! Great storyline, graphics, sounds and gameplay to boot. Any Nintendo fan should have this, its the law. The controls are really simple and it has all your old characters and new ones to join in on the fun. This game has a great RPG ora to it and once you stark to play it, you won't stop. Great areas to walk around in, great characters to get to know and love, and great enemies you love to hate... and love. Its pure silk in a game. Get it, or I'll come round your house and force you to get it. Its that good.


Reviewer: F Date: Jun 24, 2001
Nintendo have done it again! Mario RPG is a perfect mix of platforming and RPG action that requires the utmost of both said gaming skills. In addition, it is as close to full 3D graphics as a SNES game can get, and has music you can't forget even if you want to. No fans of RPGs, Mario or Nintendo games in general should be without this!


Reviewer: The Musketeer Date: Jun 22, 2001
this has got to be the second greatest RPG of all time, behnd Chrono trigger itself.
Gameplay up the wazoo,BLOODY fantastic graphics, and to top it all off, appearances by Link, Samus,and the and the battle against culex with the origonal FF themes..!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!!
This game R0x0rs!!


Reviewer: ClassicGamerJRC Date: Jun 22, 2001
Okay I know your what your thinking, All 10s? Well, yeah. I can honest to god not think of a single flaw in this masterpiece, wait yes i xcan. Not long enough. This has the best graphics of any Snes game ever made. It has great characters, items and mini games. This is a game you can beat 10 times in a row and still cherish every second of it. A great game. There's even specail appearances by Link, and Samus and a secret to see Super Mario the 1985 style. If your a Mario fan or RPG fan, try this game, i promise you won't complain.


Reviewer: Dollar Date: Jun 20, 2001
THE perfect RPG. Its got it all: a decent plot, great graphics (well, the best on SNES, anyway), an awesome battle system (probably the best), and SWEET music. I even created my own game (Dollarman, email me for inf o if u want) and used the boss battle music on multiple occasions. Its not many a game i would give a perfect 10 like this. Its not my favorite, but after buying it @ Toys R' Us 3 years ago, beating it, then popping it in on MANY occasions, and replaying it the whole way through, its WAAAY up there in my favorite games. If I thought Earthbound was good, this is around 3 times better. It delivers way more comedy, better graphics, better battle system, and better music. If you want an RPg, this may be the great one youve been looking for. even though it sort of was aimed at slightly lower age levels, you will still cherish this game. GET IT NOW!!!!!...............

Come on, get it!

I MEAN IT!!!!!!!