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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

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Reviewer: Hawksun Date: Aug 3, 2001
This game is a gem frankly speaking. This cart shows that RPG is not the only type of game that can have bangin' music and sound effects or an atmosphere of happiness or sorrow(sorrow rarely shows up in this game). Playing it makes you feel good in your inner self. The colourful crayon-like graphics are simply beautiful and when mixed with the music it makes the game greater. Also the game is extremely well balanced as far as difficulty is concerned. The longevity is here too; there are so much hidden areas that you can spend hours searcging for them and when you find them tou are usually well rewarded. The minigames at the end of the stages provide another source of fun altough they don't last long. Also there plenty of hint boxes to help you along the way so you should not be stuck when you first start playing.Wether you like platformers or not, if you are video-game newbie or expert, rush on it it's worth it!


Reviewer: elheber Date: Jul 10, 2001
Creamiest of all SNES games. It's so good you'll soil your pants.
And now the scores:

Grafix: 10: The visuals in this game look juicyer than even Chorno Trigger. One look at the intro and you'll be knowin' why. Very vibrant and colorful with cartoony stuff. I think they used Mode7 for the all the scaling and rotations. Beautifuly animated.

Sownd: 10: This here mama-jama got a 10. The sound blends in very well with the scenery. They never get annoying, get too loud, or get mad when you leave the toilet seat up. No quarrels with this... perfect.

Gaimplaee: 11: Varying gameplay eating enemies, shooting eggs, catching babies, hoppong jumping smashing, rubbed on with a little minigame funk. Very unlike Super Mario World 1 in a good way. I would usually have a problem with games not having multiplay but there's sadly no logically good way of putting this type of platformer in 2-play other than minigames. Not the game's fault. The controls are responsive and utterly whupass.