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Reviewer: Kevin Veighey Date: Sep 19, 2004
To be honest, this was the FIRST Metroid title I had the pleasure of playing.

Graphics: 8
The graphics were better than I had ever seen I any SNES game Even "Super Mario World" or "Zelda: A Link to the Past" couldn't have surprised me more than this game.

Sound: 10
The sound was incredibly realistic. The music was incredible. I couldn't help but be reminded of my favorite film composer Danny Elfman on the following themes: "Space Pirates Appear" and "Brinstar".

Gameplay: 9
The controls took me a while to get used to. Like arming Missles, for example, so I could blast Kraid's scaly a** into next week! But, overall, the controls were great. Also, I loved the way the game is nonlinear, meaning you can go through the game anyway you perfer.

Overall: 9
Overall, I believe "Super Metroid" is a timeless classic, not getting the the way of its greatness. Anyone who has never Metroid before, get out from under the rock you've been living under!


Reviewer: Alex Gibas Date: Aug 2, 2004
Super Metroid is a game I can remember and respect, even if the last time I played it was before Y2K. One of the few super nintendo games to feature a futuristic space environment without putting you in a tiny little ship and just moving around and shooting. Besides, it's more fun when you get to do it on foot. I laugh, I cried, I treaded carefully through the darkened tunnels.

Graphics: 9
Now, for being a super NES game, it is realized that graphics might not be a strong point. However, in this game it was an exception. Still working off the side-scrolling of moving left to right, up to down, the real detail was in the backgrounds. The lava, the excessive heat in certain areas, the darkened tunnels, and even the water in some places all added a feeling of being in a new world.

Sound: 10
I especially liked the sound. There was a small amusement each time for shooting an alien with a missle and hearing the explosion. But besides that, hearing Samus grunt when she gets hit, the background music, and even opening doors had its part in the game. I found no real flaws with the noises that went on.

Gameplay: 7
Now, the gameplay is the one part that I liked, but I also felt somewhat disappointed. There was such a small plot to the game, which meant you were told a story at the beginning and left from there to find out for yourself where to go, who to kill, etc. Nonetheless, the rest of the game is something to experience. To land on Zebes and wander around for a bit, only to realize you're the only human being on the planet. It adds an eerie feeling to the game since no one is there to talk to or protect you; to be alone with aliens, I'd be scared myself. Aside from the plot, there are many nice items to aid you in the game: energy capsules, jump shoes, suits to protect you from lava and walk in water, and various blaster rays, like spazz or frozen beam. The game offers a nice variety of weapons and items, usually around the time you need them the most.

Overall: 9
In conclusion, Super Metroid is an enjoyable futuristic shooter. The graphics add a nice touch to the game. The sounds work just the way they should. The last metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace.. Or so the story goes. This game kept me glued to the screen for my share of hours. Best of all, it got rid of any childish thoughts of wanting to leave to a distant planet alone.

The ghost ship was by far one of the eeriest places I've ever experienced.


Reviewer: Pete Szczepanek Date: Jun 27, 2004
Before playing Super Metroid, I hadn't even seen someone play a Metroid game in my entire life. When I finally checked it out (2001), I was absolutely blown away by it. I've gotta say, out of all of the games on SNES, this one is the best. (Number Three: Final Fantasy 3/6, Number Two: Chrono Trigger). So what did I think of Super Metroid? Read on...

Graphics: 10
Everything flows beautifly - from the backgrounds, to the enimies, to Samus' hot body when you die - this is about the best it gets on the Super Nintendo. The best demonstration of the amazing graphics are during the boss fights. Incredible.

Sound: 10
The sound effects are absolutely sweet. I found pretty much nothing wrong with them. Although the creatures' squeaky noises can get annoying, it's just more incentive to blow the living crap out of em'. The music? Perfect, every single background tune fits perfectly with each and every environment that they're used in - FLAWLESS.

Gameplay: 10
Oh, did I mention the best part of this game? The gameplay in Super Metroid is some of the most compelling that you will ever come across. Every power-up you get is hugely rewarding, the boss fights are incredible, it features one of the most memorable moments in a game (the escape), and don't forget, the world is utterly massive! This is gaming bliss!

Overall: 10
WOW! Everything in this game flows perfectly to make this one a total masterpiece. When you finish this massive adventure, you will be begging for more (Like me).

I have to say, rare is the occasion that I give a game a ten - let alone all tens in every field, but if there was ever a game that deserved it, this is it. Super Metroid is one of the best video games you will see in your entire life. I guarantee it.


Reviewer: Homedogg Date: Jun 10, 2004
This is, in my opinion (and I hope it is in yours too) THE BEST VIDEO GAME OF ALL TIME, what more to say? Read on, and by the way, I am sad to say they don't have 15 on the rating system so I will give everything a 10 ok? Sorry if I sound like a kid but all these opinions are actually not exaggerated.

Graphics: 10
The graphics are also in my opinion, the best graphics on SNES, far surpassing Secret of Evermore, FF3, and The Legend of Zelda: Link to the past. They just have that homelike touch. You know when you get 200,000 points in one move on Tony Hawk's underground? Kind of like that, You know, perfection. I especially liked the Brinstar's alien plant walls and the Maridia's creepy ocean creatures. Of course Samus charging up her plasma beam, letting loose a super missile, dropin' a power bomb, and blowing up ridley with guts flying everywhere had a nice effect too. The sparks in the wrecked ship, the static being sucked into Samus' charge beam, the phantoom's disappearing affects, and the explosions were all amazing for SNES's time.

Sound: 10
The music was awesome! Like when you first enter the wrecked ship the scary music gives you goose bumps and you wonder what's going to jump out at you. Then that creepy Maridia music and Crateria's music well fit the surroundings. In fact I'd say all the music fit all the areas well. Now for sound effects. Wow, I love this game. The beam sounds were cool, and the wave beam echoed, very cool. The explosions were awesome sounding too. I like when you're going through that pipe between Brinstar and Norfair. If you lay a power bomb the glass pipe shatters (sounds cool) and you can see the glass pieces floating to the floor.

Gameplay: 10
Duh, this is the most important part of the whole game! Gameplay was of course very tough the first time around the game, but got easier and easier. Of course the fact that there was three endings to watch and having to beat the game in a time limit getting 100% percent of the power-ups made the game a real challenge. When playing the game this way you have to remember you're only going to have 5 super missiles and three energy tanks when you get to phantoom, as opposed to 6 energy tanks and around 25 super missiles. There are also many different strategies to beat the game such as skipping the grappling hook and other things. As you got more power-ups and suit enhancements you could do more tricks such as wall jumping, propelling yourself with bombs, chopping through enemies when you front flip and even flying! The gun system, while being a bit small, wasn't exactly a flaw and was still perfect. Unlimited bullets was cool. Never worry about running out of ammo! Shoot your heart out! Be trigger happy! I'm still impressed with the running boots and the fact that she turns blue (Whoa) and goes lightning fast. The X-Ray scope was like adding another half of the game on. I mean if it wasn't for this thing (which reveals fake walls and such) I would probably using a walkthrough to get myself un-stuck and have about 60% of the items.

Overall: 10
These are just a few of the reasons I think this game is THE BEST GAME OF ALL TIME. You just have to get the game, NOW, to find this out.

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Reviewer: KodamaPhreak Date: Dec 31, 2002
Jeez, this game is just way too good, even now it's too good. Too many people get caught up in graphics, and just being able to blow stuff up. This game satisfy's both if you take time to get through the game. Play this game and be amazed that this game came out on a 16-bit system

Graphics: 10
Just the graphics are just overall nice, always new territorys are fun to explore, and Finding new stuff, but the same old way you always have found stuff in Metroid games...exploring and trying to blow everything up.

Sound: 10
It just suits the Hot Chick going to search for missles, and the baby larva, that was stolen by that sick flying project Ridley.

Gameplay: 10
Jeez, if you could find 100% of everything, you really outdid yourself, and the game would just be ablsolutely long, I've gotten around 90% give or take, but this game is so much fun just discovering and exploring

Overall: 10
I've played this game on emulator, then cartridge after I found it...this game is very well one of the best games of all time, if anyone argues with me, please dont' refer to Final Fantasy VII, cause that game just was not as good as this game, or about any other Final Fantasy...sorry about that, but too many people think that FF7 is the best.


Reviewer: Sid Vacant Date: Aug 29, 2002
This is, in my opinion, the third best game of all time, next to Tony Hawk2 for PS1, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors for SNES. Why? Read on.

Graphics: 10
Has there ever been a 2D game that looked this good? I am in awe everytime I play this game, simply because no other games have graphics as good as this one.

Sound: 10
Let me just say the following: I have been listening to this game's soundtrack every night for the past 8 years, and it still manages to send a chill up my spine. It was freaky then, and it's freakier now. If only Resident Evil sounded like this. If only...

Gameplay: 10
Oh my gosh... This is the most entertaining game I have ever played. EVER. The action never stops. There are more items than you have brain cells. The world is huge. And the best part is: If you haul your butt around fast enough, you can see Samus in a swimming suit at the end! (Then again, you could just save a screenshot right after Samus dies and her armor falls off.)

Overall: 10
Download this game. Steal this game. Beg your mom for money to buy this game. Just get the game. The excitement-registering lobe of your brain will thank you.

My best time is 1:55, though the best I've head of is 1:37. Or you could use the game genie code, set elasped time to 0.


Reviewer: Nick Breier Date: Jun 30, 2002
The intro to the game is smooth and solid.The whol game is like that. Its a hard game to get all the items in the first couples times but when you do and beat it in under 3 hours you get to see samus in a bathing suit :]

Graphics: 10
The graphics on this game dominated the others...with 10 stories monsters and transparent eyes. The freazing on enemies was great for snes.

Sound: 10
The sound is eiree and huantingful its a perfect 10 and i downlaoded all the themes to my computer.Its really cool to listens to these sounds and play it at night so when someone rushes into your you jump.

Gameplay: 10
This is the best game ever I MEAN ON ALL SYSTEMS, you got the bounty hunter (Samus) her pet alien (metroid) the evil villian (Motherbrain) the space ship ( Sumas's starcraft)the minibosses i forgot the names.( the crafish, the 10 storie tall guy, The giant eyeball, Riply the aerodyctual/flyingalien)and their minibosses ( swinging plant,snake,fat guy with 4 or 5 eyesockets)and the plot is to kill ripley and save the metroid( which dies)....saving your life

Overall: 10
The best game that used to be on the market the only problem with is you beat motherbrain to easly..but other then that itswonderful.

My best time 2:35
My brothers best time 1:45 ..i dont know how he did but did.


Reviewer: Ken Lutze Date: Apr 2, 2002
This is overall a very solid game. Lots of work was put into it, and even I had trouble finishing it as it is very long and very well done. You can see Samus in a bathing suit at the end of the game if you beat it within three hours too, a very nice touch.

Graphics: 10
Graphics were very solid, and a lot of small touches were included, to make the game seem more finished. Take reversing direction, Samus's image is not flopped, she actually turns and is visible from the front. Weapons were all very nice. All the sprinting/charging moves looked very cool, and moved very quickly, but yet did not actually slow the game much if at all.

Sound: 10
GREAT music. Very dark and erie with all the ambience. Especially the ruins of the space ship. Also, the sounds of Samus were very ""neat"" no little girlie ""ouchies."" Well done sounds overall, none were low quality, unless meant to be.

Gameplay: 9
Gameplay was overall pretty good. Some of the techniques that little untouchable animals teach you were tough at first,like wall kicking, at least on a keyboard, and the gameplay left me feeling alone and scared Samus being the only one there, she never talked to anyone really through most of the game. Controls were easy to customize, and saves, and recharges were really helpful. Some of the enemies were really annoying though, just how saturated the game is with enemies that swoop down, pop out of the ground, crawl on things etc.

Overall: 10
Absolutley a 10 for this game. It is one of my favorite SNES games that isn't an RPG. It had a great story, though not terribly evident if it takes you a while to get the beginning, but along the end you are really involved, and an involved story is key to any game.

I would absolutely reccomend this to anyone who enjoys a fun, yet challenging game. I would reccomend to smooth out the harder parts, blow everything up with bombs, and once you get the scanner, scan EVERYTHING, it makes the game much more fun.


Reviewer: pompousjerk Date: Dec 28, 2001
The Metroid series has been very popular, and for a reason: the games are spectacluar (with three now and two on the way--one for GBA and the other for GameCube). The original NES Metroid came out in '86, making it 15 years old. Eight long (almost too long) years later, Super Metroid came out. All of the hallmarks of the past two Metroids were there: very non-linear gameplay, eerie-ness, and a cool modular suit with a ton of add-ons.

Graphics: 9
For its time and plaform, the graphics of Super Metriod are _very_ good.

Sound: 9
The music is varied and fits well with the large and varied Zebes underground.

Gameplay: 10
There are thousands of ways to get through the game; and there are several ways to get core items in the game. An incredibly good challenge the first time, and the incredible number of ways (hey, maybe if I do X I can...) you can play through the game will keep you coming back. I know I do.

Overall: 10
If you've never played this before, I pity you.

This is one of the _top 3 games_ for the SNES (the others, IMO, being Final Fantasy 3, and Chrono Trigger). If you don't have it, get it.


Reviewer: Cloud Date: Nov 6, 2001
I was always a huge fan of Metroid when it came out on the NES long ago. The game had "something" about it that made it brilliant. It was so eerie and seemed like such an original idea for a game setting and environment. It really spooked me in an "awesome" way. Super Metroid takes the original Metroid masterpiece and evolves it into one of the best (if not the best) snes games as a sheer masterpiece by nintendo. Everything about this game is remarkable for its period and time.

Graphics: 10
There is no other (and I mean no other) game on the snes that looks as good as this game. I still find it hard to believe that this is a snes game! The graphics are so crisp and realistic. The environments are totally believable for a platform game. The effects like the rain in the crateria sector at the beginning, the plant life seen throughout brinstar, the heat foginess seen within norfair, the water effects of maridia, the metallic-industrial-electricity of the wrecked ship etc etc etc....
The amount of detail that nintendo put into the environments in this game is incredible. You'll never find yourself running through a room without looking all over it first.

Samus is also so fluent and well animated for a sprite-superhero in this game. Its great fun just watching her dash from here to there. She even moves if you stand perfectly still. She's really brought to life in this game and is a true character. If it gets dark she'll also switch on a humming light on her helmet so she can see in the dark.
All the other enemies and bosses in this game are just as well animated and detailed as Samus(especially kraid and the mother brain). Fantastic !

Sound: 10
The music to the orginal Metroid was very eerie and very science fiction like. Super Metroid delivers some of the greatest video game tunes ever heard. This game will present you with some of the most memoriable video game music you'll ever hear, that'll sit in your head for days on end. Some of the songs sounds like something of a choir mixed into an electronic upbeat funk type song. Others sound like an apocalyptic dooms-day type songs. Great stuff !

The sound effects are also very good. Samus blaster makes an awesome sound as it echos. Superb !

Gameplay: 10
If you ever played the original Metroid game, you'll realise that it gives new definition to the term "gameplay". There is no "gameplay" like a Metroid game. You'll forever be engaged in the astronmical amount of jumping, climbing, shooting, dodging, running, blasting that Samus will have to undertake to recover the Metroid larva from the Mother Brain. The wall jump is one perfect example of the skill level this game requires. You'll find plenty of gameplay here. Navigating your way through planet Zebes is no easy task the first time you do it. Finding all the neccessary powerups and items is a great challenge. Believe me, you'll always be searching for that extra missle container.

Overall: 10
A masterpiece from Nintendo, and also one the greatest games to ever be released on the snes. Its a pity that it didn't hit home base in Japan the way it did in the US, as this game deserves so much more credit than what it has received. It should be a rolemodel for other great games to be created. Its living proof that 2D platformers can compete with the 3D world we now live in. There are so few games such as this one (Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night is about the only other game such as this one that I can think of). Everything about this game is perfect, you wont be disappointed. If you liked the original Metroid, you're going to fall in love with this game. Totally awesome !

A masterpiece from nintendo that deserves so much more credit than what it has already received, and should be a role model for other great games.

Enjoy !


Reviewer: Indalecio Date: Nov 5, 2001
Super Metroid is my favorite Platform for the SNES, because of the challenge and fun it offers.

Graphics: 9
Excellent graphics for its time. From blasting enemies to massive explosions, Super Metroid's graphics are far from un-impressive.

Sound: 10
Music that does not get annoying and fits the mood well. There are a variety of sound effects that are well done. Overall, the music never bothered me and was made nicely.

Gameplay: 9
Play control can get slightly irritating for some moves if it's your first time playing the game, but you can get used to it easily. Some more complex moves, like the wall jump, take lots of practice to get right but overally the game plays well.

Overall: 9
One of the best platforms on the SNES, with many hidden items and move combinations (Try selecting the Super Bomb and charging up one type of beam and see what happens). Presents a challenge and a fun time playing through the game.

Super Metroid continues the Metroid series which started on NES with the first of the series, named Metroid, then Metroid II: Return of Samus for Game Boy. I reccomend this game to any platformer fan. I doubt you will be disappointed.