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Super Off Road: The Baja

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Reviewer: Gilby Date: Nov 13, 2001
Super off road... my favorite racing game, who can forget the baja challenge!

Graphics: 7
Unfortunately, the graphics on this game were compromised with frame skipping, so after you stare at the screen for a while, you start to get lost in the landscape every once now and again.

Sound: 7
Sound is OK, nothing to write home about really. The sound of the frame stressing and bouncing at dips is cool though.

Gameplay: 9
The competitive nature of race games lovers will love this, the other racers never give up, you can run em off the road, which is the whole fun of the game really to me.

Overall: 9
Overall this game can provide hours of fun, still a personal all-time favorite of mine.

My fun with this game came to me when I got really sick one time, it saved me in my boredom at home and time off work. Hope it can help you too!