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Super Slam Dunk

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Reviewer: Anthony Solis Date: Aug 12, 2004
As a wee lad I bought this crappy game. You see, I was looking for deals at the L.A. Convention Center and this game came across. Being a Laker fan, I bought this game. Magic Johnson, you owe me $20.

Graphics: 2
Double Dribble's(NES) graphics are as good. It's looks like a 1st grade painting project. Believe me when I tell you that the graphics are primitive. Way below the standards of your average Super Nintendo game.

Sound: 4
I would give it a 1 because there is no sound when your playing. All there is is the now deceased Chick Hearn. Seeing as I'm an old Lakers fan, that's defintely a bump up. It's cool to hear some of calls such as "The rifrigator is now closing, the butter's getting hard, the eggs are getting moldy". Or something like that.

Gameplay: 1
It's impossible to shoot the ball with other teams except for the Lakers or the All-Stars. Basically all you can do is get in the paint and shoot a 5 footer or dunk.

Overall: 2
Let see 2+4+2+3 divide by 3...that's a three overall. It took me a while(as in a couple days) as little kid to realize how much this game stunk.

In conclusion, Super Slam Dunk is not a good game. There are plenty of basketball games you could get instead. Try the arcade classic NBA Jam or one of the Live games from EA. And just consider yourself lucky you didn't waste money on this steaming turd.