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Super Star Wars

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Reviewer: Sonical Date: Sep 16, 2001
Super Star Wars is your typical movie tie-in. It follows the film, to some extent, features the familiar characters and villians and includes some nice set pieces too.

What really made this game stand out at the time was it's sound. By today's standards it's nothing special, but I remeber how back in the day it seemed like there was a full ochestra belting out that oh so familiar theme tune.

The graphics are decent enough too, with good backgrounds and nice characters.

However the game does get very repetitive, and can become very dull. There are a couple of flying and shooting levels where you can control a landspeeder and an X-wing. But overall it is a bit tedious sfter the third level or so.

It usually sticks to the "shoot some enemies, jump on some platforms and kill the end of level boss" template. So if your a real die-hard Star Wars fan you may enjoy it, but if you want a good shooter go get yourself Super Metroid.