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Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

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Reviewer: PimpMaster Date: Mar 10, 2002
Return of the Jedi follows the same storyline of the movie so there's nothing different. Return of the Jedi (Episode VI or 6) is about Luke,Chewy,Leia trying to save Han Solo and then it's off to destroy the Death Star and Darth Vader.

Graphics: 7
Graphics aren't anything special the background and the characters look good for Super Nintendo but the character at the character selection screen very and I mean VERY realistic for Super Nintendo.

Sound: 8
Return of the Jedi doesn't have annyoying music (thank God) and some music are taken from the movie such as the famous theme song. Every level has different music to set the mood of the level.

Each character makes a different sound when they get hit (except for Han and Luke) and the enemies even talk when you're engaging in battle with them.

Lucas Arts did a good job with the sound and music.

Gameplay: 8
The gameplay sticks to the Star Wars flavour. Each character uses a different weapon and has different special moves. Luke uses the force. Han has grenades. Chewy has his spin attack.

There's three different styles you play Leia as (depending of the level) and the special moves changes.

There's fun levels such as the level where you can ride a Speeder Bike to destroy Scouts, and you can use the Millenium Falcon and more.

Overall: 8
Overall this game is an 8. There's different characters to choose from (depending on the level.) Unique levels. Great sound and music, and good graphics for a Super Nintendo game.

Return of the Jedi is another one of those games which you can play over and over again (Trust me I own the game and I do play it over and over again) Also you can try to beat each level with a different character and with three different difficulties to choose from Return of the Jedi will make you coming back for more