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SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

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Reviewer: Dex Date: Aug 17, 2002
SwatKats was originally an animated series, who was transmitted on the Cartoon Network, And the series rules!!!. Obviously the game is not that good just for the series, it´s good ´coz that´s the way it is. Yeah, simply good. Cartoon Network must die because a long time ago(like 1994 or a year later), they cut down the series, just to put the mos horrifying show that I´ve ever seen: Scooby Doo , which sucks, really sucks.

Graphics: 8
Tha colors are a little TOO dark, but the scenario designs are originals and detailed, some good stuff for an adventure game. Unfortunately, if you´re not used to play on rotating backgrounds, then I suggest not to play the "TurboKat" (mobile jet) missions, cause you´ll get sick!!!. I had to get used to it, but it´s a pain in your head.

Sound: 10
The best, its sound. Most of the melodies on this game are directly taken out of the original animated series, and a little more re-edited. It´s a truly great mix of some weird sounds, and good special sound effects.

Gameplay: 8
The common ol´adventure games mode, walkingh through platforms and enemies to find a huge boss to the end of the stage. Well, what can I say, this formula had worked well trough the years, so, why don´t repeat it?. Anyway, the little details is that you gain exp. points as well as you destroy enemies and bosses, and added some street fighter like moves (an immitation of the sho-ryu-ken, and a hovering smash punch).

Overall: 8
Another game of the loooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOng list of adventure titles. This game is good, no doubt about it, and I´ts nothing to be ashamed of, but if you got the option to try another adventure game (Like the MEGAMANs or YOSHI´S ISLAND, which is really good), then get one of the another. Of course that, if you found old crap like TOY STORY, ALADDIN or DRAGON´S LAIR, then SwatKats will be the best game to purchase.