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Tales of Phantasia

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Reviewer: Gamingking24 Date: Apr 28, 2002
All I have to say is....Wow! What more is there to say? Tales of Phantasia....a must own for any game fan. Whether you like RPG/action RPG or not, this is still a game worth checking out.

Graphics: 10
Considering the time period of the release, phenominal. Completely unpresidented. With clear character depictions and backgrounds that will amaze you at first glance. I mean come on people. Reflections in the water! There aren't many new games on these powerful systems that reflect this accurately.

Sound: 10
There are words!!!!!! I haven't found any other game with words in the music. I'm not talking just voice overs here. I mean tones of games have those, but in the music....simply amazing. And the idea to put in a sound menu as complete as they did, with all of the songs and graph thingies....way ahead of its time. I could just sit there....and I have....for a half an hour or more just listening to the different songs. I especially like, the opening(The Dream Will Never Die), the last one(I can't think of the name), and Dhaos's Theme.

Gameplay: 10
No matter how long you've played the game, you can't deny the simply controls and the in depth game play that will have you immersed in the world as Cless travels. The battles, are like none other I have ever seen. Normally, you either don't control any (Ogre Battle) or all (FF series, Mario RPG, etc...). But in this one, you only control Cless in battle while the others you order tactical commands to to back you up. Simply genious. I have yet to see another game duplicate that format.

Overall: 10
Let me see, if I gave Graphics a 10, Sound a 10, and gameplay a 10, I guess that means that overall should be a 10 too. There is just no denying this games appeal. I wanna definately thank De Jap for their translational work, and NAMCO for coming up with such an amazing game.

I just wanna know though, is there ever gonna be a sequal like Chrono Cross is to Chrono Trigger? Granted sequals usually aren't better, but occasionally you come across a gem that is just dying to be updated. Even if they don't create a sequal. I would at least like this game to be updated and released on a newer system. Sure, it won't be as revolutionary, but it will be an awesome game worth getting none the less.