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Tales of Phantasia

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Reviewer: The IceMan Date: Sep 9, 2004
Well, for all you people out there who like RPG's... Look no further! This game rocks. It's by far the best game on SNES I've ever played!

Graphics: 10
The graphics rock! They are just beautiful. You can see every little detail in the surroundings and in the battle sequence, well.... Let's just say the graphics are way ahead of their time in this game.

Sound: 8
Although sometimes a bit annoying ( After you've spent a lot of time in a dungeon ) it is still pretty good. Some boss tunes just rock and make you shiver.

Gameplay: 10
This is the major pluspoint on the game. You move around like in a traditional RPG but the battles are way better. You actually control the character. And so instead of taking turns with your enemy to deal each other some blows you can continously hit your opponent and while you're doing it you can control your teammates' attacks but you can let them attack on their own as well. Now that rules!!

Overall: 10
So overall this is a very good game wich every RPG fan should have with their SNES. Oh, and if I didn't convince you already, just give it a try and the game will convince you!

I don't have any more comments left. Just try it already!


Reviewer: Scott Date: Nov 17, 2003
Tales of Phantasia is quite advanced for its time.

Graphics: 10
Best graphics overall for the Super Famicom (as it was not released outside of Japan). Recommended for any RPG or action gamers out there.

Sound: 10
Surround sound, most sound goes with the game. Great FX, good voices. It will definately blow you away.

Gameplay: 8
Walking around is quite fast, there is some humour in the game itself

your other characters are hard to control, they arent the greatest in fighting enemies, and they use up all of their magic unless you turn them off completely from it

Overall: 10
Definately a great game, and it can be challenging to many. Have spare time? this one will definately keep you busy for many hours.