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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters

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Reviewer: Jedi Questmaster Date: Oct 25, 2002
This dates back to 1993, the edge of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video games. Konami & Ultra did a good job with most, if not all, of the TMNT games. Making a leap from action to fighting was a great idea, it's just too bad it ended there. TMNT: Tournament Fighters can easily be compared to Street Fighter 2, having many similar aspects. Tournament Fighters for the SNES is different from the Sega version, just so people know.

Graphics: 7
The characters were well done, with plenty of details and movements. The four turtles have the same shade of green, pretty degrating. It would be great, though, if the player had the ability to choose the characters' colors (this only happens if two people pick the same fighter).

Each stage is also well done; like Street Fighter 2, the backgrounds have moving objects, except they contain more than two sprites.

Sound: 8
The SFX is okay, each character has their own voice. The turtles are an exception; they share some of the same voices but with their distinct moves are separate voices. When listening using the soundtrack, the voices have an echo.

The music? Quite well. It fits in with the action of each stage, although Studio 6 is an exception. It would be great if the tempo increased when a fighter is about to die, like in Street Fighter 2.

Gameplay: 8
Fighting is much similar to Street Fighter 2, but the L & R buttons aren't used unless you configurate them by pressing select at the character screen. There is a weak & strong punch and a weak & strong kick, along with button combinations to do special moves. There are seven levels of difficulty (eight if you include 0). There is a reasonable difference between each difficulty, beginners can get used to the game easily. When playing two players, beginners can use the handicap setting. Like most popular fighting games, unfortunately, this game cheats. When the highest difficulty setting is used, CPUs can execute special moves faster than possible, ones that involve holding buttons then releasing.

It seems that Konami decided to take or alter some moves that Capcom used in Street Fighter 2: any of the four turtles have a default throw that resembles Ryu or Ken's default throw, Mike's ""rising thunder"" attack is much like Ken or Ryu's uppercut, War's throw is the same as Ken's rolling toss, and Armaggon shares one of Dhalsim's mid-air attacks.

Overall: 8
Replay Value? Moderate

The different endings can make players try other fighters, atleast for one fight: the last one! There is one bonus stage that allows you to rack up points and find out what your strongest or fastest move is. People who were into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will like this game. The endings could have been longer.

If you're having trouble finding out some players' moves, then keep trying, every move is worth the effort. If you still have trouble, here are some:

Shredder -(reflector)- press weak punch and kick simultaneously
Armaggon -(air Glide)- in mid-air, press down & strong punch simultaneously
War-(claw)- hold back for approx. 3 sec. then press forward & punch simultaneously
Wingnut/Wingbat-(aerial Dive)- To dive in mid-air press down and kick simultaneously
Aska-(uppercut)- Forward, Down/Forward, Down, Forward, Punch
Chrome Dome-(Spark)- press down, down/forward, forword & punch


Reviewer: Death Motion Date: Jul 8, 2001
Well, my problem with this game is, unfortunately, a problem that can be found in many games: the developer did an HORRIBLE job in making an adequate AI... What I mean by that is that the game is just impossible to beat! Even the ""easy"" mode is hard as hell!

Sorry if you liked the game, but I just can't stand it when I don't find a game easy when I play it on the ""easy"" mode! The only reason why I didn't gave a mark of 1 in gameplay is because the game still can be fun in a 2 player mode! That's too bad, coz other than the pathetic attemp to make a decent AI, it's got good graphics and lots of cool moves to perform! And as a fan of Marvel vs Capcom series, may I let you know that this game was one of the first to include a super meter bar that'd let you perform super moves!! (hehe! I just like 'em!)

Overall, nice game if not played alone, otherwise, keep your distances!