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Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

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Reviewer: DkLordMagus Date: Dec 8, 2004
Hello, and good evening everyone. I, DkLordMagus am going to attempt a review for Tomas the Tank Engine and Friends. I'll let you decide if I've completely lost all my sense of good video-gaming...

Graphics: 4
I actually thought the graphics weren't as bad as I would have expected them to be, although they were pretty bad. They had better color schemes then games like Paladin's Quest and such. They actually reminded me of the dreaded days when I was a young boy watching the Tomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV series, but with the power of Cheesey THQ's graphics design. But who would spend a lot of time developing graphics for children ages 3-8?

Sound: 2
Oh, bother, THQ botched another one.... I'd understand where they are coming from with making each little "mini-game" if you will, say the name of each event sounding like a robotic voice, which was kind of comical to me. Also in the "story mode" where they read you one of Tomas' many OBNOXIOUS stories, also containing an almost similar obnoxious BG sound, bah, what a waste of time I'd say. I think my little brother could have done a better job creating music for this game.

Gameplay: 1
Oh someone save my sanity, please I beg of you!!
What a wretched storyplot... you could race Percy, the other train, or you could race Bertie the bus... I didn't quite figure out how exactly you "raced" the bus or the train, because there were 3 commands. One had a picture of a train, which I assumed made the carts race, a whistle button that I couldnt figure out, and a RR X sign that making the horrid pain go away brought the nightmareish menu back up. There is Tomas' Quiz, where you listen to one of his stories of him and Harold pulling the Mail Train, which is late, and the two trains being scolded for not having the mail being on time, even though it wasnt their fault. Even if you are convinced on playing this game, I won't follow the story any further because it's about the most "exiting" if you will. I myself wouldn't even call it that, but I digress, it's about the only thing decent about this game.

Overall: 2
For everyone else, there is a better game. Personally, I'd rather my 3 year old were playing Booger Man, or something where he actually uses his brain. This, aw someone help me... this is just torture.

All in all though, I did kill an hour and a half with this whole project. Well, that and about 80 points off my 135 IQ....
All I really have left to say is, Doc, where are my good games?? You have tortued me enough with this piece of garbage. I myself wouldn't even really call it a game, but thanks again THQ for destroying another segement of my life with your cheesey games...