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Tick, The

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Reviewer: demoneyes Date: Sep 3, 2001
Spooooooooon!!! This game is every tick fans dream, unfortunately for all you people who have no idea why this guy is dressed in a blue tick outfit this game is nothing more than a bad final fight clone. But for you rabid tick fans this game has almost everyone in it sewer urchin, american maid, and of coruse you have to have his trusty sidekick arthur. The graphics are pretty decent tick is of course larger than most of his enemies and the background is nothing spectacular. The music is....wait there was music on this game...oh thats right it was so horrible i couldnt stand it any longer, but the only thing that i got a good laugh from was when you finish a level tick yells out spoon! The gameplay consists of beating down ninjas and jumping from roof top to rooftop. Only the rabid fans need aproach this game its not entirely bad it is just too repetitive for me. Fans download and have a little fun being the tick