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Reviewer: Jared Date: Jun 7, 2007
Timecop for the SNES. This game is based on a movie of the same name done by Jean Claude Van Damme. And as you'd expect, this game is as bad as the movie, successfully continuing the ongoing trend of game-based films inevitably turning out sour.

Graphics: 7
Sprites and animations look great. Besides being overly generic, they tend to slightly resemble the 3D quality of later games like Donkey Kong Country.

Sound: 3
Sound is awful. Kicks and punches connect with a simplistic "thud" and things like explosions or gunshots are almost non existent. Even if you could hear the action it would still get drowned out by the obnoxious bland music.

Gameplay: 4
Levels feel rushed and uninspired, there are lots of elevators, steam blows out of pipes like crazy and doors seemingly open and shut at random making you feel like you're in some demonically possessed madhouse. In some levels you have to work your way through to reach the top in order to reach the "EXIT" sign and continue on to the next stage. But most of the time this is just a pain due to the fact that jumps and controls are just so spotty and awkward. Striking enemies is hard enough, but they also regenerate. That means every single time you miss a jump and fall to the bottom you have to jump on more platforms, go up the elevators again, fight through the enemies, and pray that you make it the next time around.

Overall: 3
Timecop is just frustrating underdeveloped dreck. It's only saving grace are the few good sprite animations it has, doing things just as simple as striking an enemy feels so difficult and although you get a pistol as a weapon, ammunition is scarce and it runs out quick. This is just one of those titles that let the bad "games/movies" trend stay alive, from back then, all the way up to today.