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Twisted Tales of Spike McFang, The

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Reviewer: TonberryKing Date: Apr 15, 2002
Y'know, everyone I know seems to dump on this game because A.) they're guys, and they're not supposed to like cute games, which this game is, and B.) it's not made by a well-known publisher like capcom. But don't let that fool you: Spike McFang is pure gold.

Graphics: 9
No complaints here. The characters movements are very fluid, and the enemies are just as good. The backgrounds look great, too.

Sound: 10
Almost NONE, if EXACTLY none of this music is annoying in any way. From the first moment that Proffessor Steam pulls up in his jalopy and the crescendo comes to the Fighter Island theme, you'll be hooked. You'll weep at the simplistic chords of the Desert, and you will NEVER get the almost funky boss music out of your head.

Gameplay: 9
As the vampire-kid Spike McFang, you play through areas in an RPG-ish way, fighting giant cloves of garlic that touch you with their acidy garlic flesh and breath out toxic garlic fumes. You attack by spinning your cloak, using magic cards with different effects, or by throwing your hat. Hammering on the spin button does a super spin, which has longer distance and more power, but leaves you dizzy, open for an attack. The cards are well-designed as well. Some can stop time, others can summon fireballs, yet still others can turn your enemies into harmless stuffed animals.

Overall: 8
My only gripes are that some enemies have such a longer range of attack than you do, that getting close enough to attack them with a cloak-spin is nearly suicide. Although there are other enemies besides the garlic cloves (like catgirls or armored ghosts) that specific enemy is repeated. There are cloves, BIG cloves, cloves with spears, BIG cloves with spears, frozen cloves, BIG.....well, you get the idea.

If only designers today were willing to venture out into new territory to make a game this original.


Reviewer: Cepheus Date: Jun 23, 2001
This is a game for anime fans and RPG fans. I think it was the second R.P.G. I ever played (the first was Zelda). You are this little Vampire, but this is not the standard Vampire. You can walk around in sunlight, and instead of blood, you suck tomato juice... It's kind of kiddish, but it's pure gaming fun... Your father runs the kingdom of Dracuman, and when it's invaded he gets kidnapped. Your friend(forgot her name right now) is also royalty, and her kingdom gets sacked too... So you go on this mission to save the kingdoms, which takes you all over the place, from your standard kingdom scene, to a desert, an arctic wilderness, etc.... If you like Zelda, you'll like this game. It's got that free-action fighting style that Zelda, and Secret of Mana, are famous for.