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Reviewer: Trekiehunter Date: Jul 4, 2002
What to say...Although less known, this game is up there with the greats like FFIII/FFVI, Mario Kart, and Chrono Trigger. Its a RPG/sim which actually can be a good combination. The pace is set by which character you choose, the pirate/privateer games seem to go by fast (20-30 hours), the 3 adventurers are kinda meduim paced (30ish hours), and the trader is slow and surprizingly addictive (30-alot, my max was around 80 or 90 hours)

Graphics: 9
In general, the graphics are good. Thiers a kinda cool cut sequence (for lack of better word) when you sink a ship, but you really have to try hard to SINK it (no kill off crew/commadore which is much easier)There are a few places where they could have been better, but i'll leave them uncommented on.

Sound: 8
Good background music that stayed where its supposed to be; in the background. Diffrent parts of the world have diffrent mucic in the ports, 'appropriate' for the region. Otherwise, it doen't get annoying even after 10ish hours ;)

Gameplay: 10
Play it for yourself. Thats all i can say

Overall: 10
Its a good game, and its not all that well known. i got the game in '96 and i still play it if i get really bored. the problem is that its too d*mn addictive.If you want to start this game make sure you have nothing major to do for a while. (I made the mistake of starting a game as the trader right before finals last year...lets leave it as it was a BAD idea)


Reviewer: Phil's Dad Date: May 25, 2002
Uncharted Waters: New Horizons is one of the greatest and perhaps most overlooked games for the SNES console. It can be most easily desribed as somewhat of a cross between a historical RPG and a sailing strategy simulation. It has both elements of RPGs, and more complex strategy games.

The game takes place in Europe in 1522, and you can choose between 6 different characters all representing different nations in Europe. Each character has a different quest and storyline, but at the same time, the characters' stories all intertwine as will be seen.

Within each quest, is a compelling storyline, like any good RPG. In addition, you have the freedom to do many things in the game. You can make a fortune by trade, become a pirate, or search the world for treasures and adventure. You can also meet many different people, with over 60 people you can hire as your mates.

While having fun with this game, there is also quite a bit that can be learned. The player will learn some of the basics of sailing and sea life. Even more so, it is a good way to learn geography and even a little history.

Graphics: 8
The graphics in this game aren't spectacular, but quite honestly, they suit the game well. While the towns of the game look somewhat redundant, almost every character has a uniquely drawn portrait, which really makes the game more interesting in the graphics department. Certainly do not expect X Box graphics, but good graphics are not what this game is about, anyway.

Sound: 10
For an older game, with somewhat primitive technology, the music absolutely rules in this game. The game contains very pleasing, memorable tunes. The music is very relaxing in this game, and helps the atmosphere of the game, overall.

Gameplay: 10
As any great game, it is the gameplay of this game that truly shines. As opposed to most games that take place in fantasy worlds, this game takes place on Earth, during 16th century Europe. The playing area is huge in this game, but this should come as no surprise, as the playing area consists of the entire world! That's right, this game has an extremely detailed map of the entire world, which can be travelled. You can travel to every continent, sail every ocean, major rivers, seas, etc. In each continent, are many of the large costal cities of the world, which can be visited. There are hundreds of different cities that can be visited, in various parts of the world.

Aside from this, the game is very fun as it contains good storylines, all of which are quite lengthy and interesting. The best part about this is....there are six of them!! This makes the replay value of this game very high.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a lot you can do while exploring the world. You can have fun becoming a pirate and engaging in naval warfare, attempt to make a detailed map of the entire world, search the world for treasures, or even become a merchant and go into the trading business. This definitely adds to the variety of the game.

Overall: 10
This is definitely a classic that will bring many hours of enjoyment. Besides its fun factor, the game is very relaxing, and a great way to relieve stress after a long day. This is one of KOEI's gems, and although it is not too well known, it is still one of the greatest SNES games out there.

the end


Reviewer: Sting Ray Date: Feb 26, 2002
This game is a rpg/simulation to put it loosly. This game will appeal to the Sim City lovers as well as the Final Fantasy lovers. This game places you in the 1800's as one of eight characters. You are given a ship and crew and are given the ability to literaly sail around the world. Alot of the game play is taken up on the story line of your character but even more so improving your ship and eventually your fleet. This can be accomplished a number of ways. One is to sail form port to port tradeing goods. Other ways are to fight pirates, fight against another country, or become a pirate. There are a number of other ways but those are the most notible.

Graphics: 9
This game was the second in the series of two games made for the same platform.Therefore the graphics were naturally better since the designers try to out do their previous title. For the SNES the graphics are about the best they come, easy to look at and well done.

Sound: 6
The sound is OK at best. The upside of the music is that it does not drill into your skull after listening to it for five hours straight like some games. It's just there and not annoying in any way. It does change as you visit ports of different regions and different north south regions of the world though.
The sounds are strictly ho humm but that's not why you play the game. They happen at the right time and you know when an important event is happening(ie:hurricane), thats about it.

Gameplay: 10
Second to none. I still sit on my SNES and play this beauty. It has an enormous replay value and even a nice story line to keep you humming along. The game play in not liner, you can choose to do anything you want in your game....Yes you have a story line you CAN follow, but how you get to the end is up to you....IF you decide to end it.

Overall: 10
I own tons of SNES games but I find myself still pulling this one out the most of all the others I still own. That says alot for a game on a second generation platform when the fourth generation platforms are on the market now. Though the game has less than steller sound, this game is a true gem. Well worth playing.

Here's a tip that'll help you out a ton. Visit the shops during the middle of the night when they are normally closed. Just go in and out of the hotel to advance the time a bit. Most shops will sell a special item you don't usually see. This is a great way to get the star rated sword and armor. Ratings go from D to C to B to A to star. Star being highest of coarse.