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Vegas Stakes

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Reviewer: Flare Date: Jul 1, 2002
This is a basic gambling game where you try to start with 1 grand and make your way up to 10 million betting your way through 5 different casinos and 5 different games which are Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Craps and, of course, Poker.

Graphics: 8
The graphics are okay for a gambling game with the dealing cards and showing facial expressions, and also spinning the ball in Roulette.The graphics can be beaten, but are ok for a SNES game.

Sound: 10
The sounds definately express feelings like when you score the big bucks.The sounds while playing the games are good too,and,my favorite sound is deffinately, racking up on the money!;)

Gameplay: 9
The gameplay can take a long time through the game only starting with 1000 and going for 1,000,000 ,but there is more than just playing casino games.People,mostly con artist, come to you asking you to buy things, letting them do things, and selling lottery tickets.You can quicly advance by buying, and winning, lottery tickets.Many people ask to wipe your shirt, wich for me ended up on winning 100,000 dollars once! The first 4 casinos are free to go into(in order from lowest to highest)but the 5th casino is not enterable until you have over 100,000 dollars.

Overall: 9
So overall I give it a nine because of the real life feeling you get playing this, also being able to ask your freinds to go gambling with you.You get happy when you win, and sad when you lose.Just like that.

So if you want to do a little gambling without having to actually lose or win some money, this is the game to get!