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Wizard of Oz, The

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Reviewer: Paul Smith Date: Jun 8, 2004
This was one my favorite games back when I had a SNES growing up. Whereas the plot of the game mirrors that of the movie/book, the levels in the game are mostly taken from episodes of the Wizard of Oz cartoon that ran on Fox in the early 90's.

Graphics: 8
At the time I was playing this I probably would have given the graphics a 10, but since then I've played a few games from Japan that have been translated that blow this out of the water. It has that basic 3 mat layers that most sidescrollers have.

Sound: 10
If you liked the songs from the movie...

There are also a few songs just for the game that aren't too annoying, despite endless repetition.

The effects sounds aren't anything special, just the same grunts and hits you'd hear in anything else.

Gameplay: 9
This is still my favorite sidescroller for the snes. The main thing that makes it unique from the others is that in each world you have to kill a boss to save one of your friends. After each friend is saved you can switch between playing as them or yourself (so long as no one's dead) at any point in the game. Not only does this allow you to spread out the damage taken by monsters throughout the group, but each member of the party has a different advantage, the lion can climb, Dorothy can fly and disadvantage, the scarecrow takes double hits from fire, the tin man can't jump. Hidden throughout each world are bricks and Emerald City passes, you don't need all the bricks, but to get every pass you must use your characters special abilities to feret them out of the hidden corners of the maps. This is why this this is my favorite platform, it requires you to revisit old levels while facing new challenges, thus giving it less of linear feeling.

Overall: 9
The only reason I didn't give it a ten is for the reason that all platformers except Actraiser fail; it never developes the plot. The obvious reason for this is that the movie's plot is pretty linear. The final boss, the Witch of the West, is ridiculously easy to kill if you use the right character to do it, but I don't look at this as a bad point, since killing her isn't anywhere near the end of the game and, also, I'd much rather a too simple a boss than too hard of a one.

Ultimately, The Wizard of Oz is a very good platformer very similar in feel to Demon Crest.