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Wolfenstein 3-D

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Reviewer: Hyena Date: Jan 29, 2002
I've had this game for years, and it slowly gets more and more annoying just to look at the cartridge.

Graphics: 4
The graphics are pretty bad. The walls particularly look ugly when viewed from an angle. An unfortunate limitation to SNES is rendering 3-dimensional objects.
And I'm a little bit annoyed at how everything was "nintendoized" from the original wolfenstein.
Changing the colour of the blood graphics to look like sweat isn't too bad, and I can understand why all the nazi references were removed. But it goes much farther than this.
Hans Grosse (the big dude in blue) had a sister in Wolf's Spear of Destiny game, named Gretel Grosse. For some reason, this was considered unacceptable and they replaced her with Trans Grosse, a guy who looks just like Hans but who has large spikes in his armour and has orangy hair.
The guard dogs were replaced with giant mutant rats. The moral here is that killing vicious dogs is inhumane but killing rats is perfectly fine . . .

Sound: 5
The annoying thing about the sounds, I found, was that none of the bad guys speak in German.
I guess this ties in with the whole nazi thing, but the german voices sort of add to the realism.
All the bad guys in this version use the words "halt" and "stop" and different enemies use different voice pitches. This also makes it sound stupid when the Elite Guards say "halt" in the voice of Barry White with a cold. When the officers say "stop" in a voice so high-pitched, you wonder what high-ranking officials of a fascist regime are doing sucking helium on duty.
There are only four voice sounds in the entire game, which makes things very repetitive. The two I didn't mention are the boss greetings, "Comin' for ya!" and the universal death sound, "Aaaugh!"

Gameplay: 5
Gameplay is okay, but once you've gotten the chaingun on 1-2 there are no more surprises. You can pick up a flare gun and bazooka later on, which pretty much takes away the whole challenge of the game. Not to mention that neither were in the original wolfenstein games these were based on.

However, if you play skill normal or hard you'll lose all your weapons when you die which makes the game a little more challenging.
In easy mode, however, you carry all your weapons until you run out of lives or beat all 6 floors. It's very possible to do so in one sitting, I imagine, but it would take a long time.

Overall: 4
Overall, 4 out of 10. It just doesn't live up to the original and the only way to make it interesting is to change the settings on your TV to make everything glow green.
(The trick is to turn the brightness all the way down, the contrast all the way up, and the tint all the way to one side)
I used to play neon wolf all the time when I only had two SNES games and it was either this or Super Mario World which I'd beaten many times.

Heil Nintendo