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Super Mario Galaxy

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Reviewer: Comrade Stalin Date: Jun 24, 2019
One of the greatest games ever made plagued with controls that are not so great.

Graphics: 9
In 1080p, this game still holds up and look absolutely fantastic. Beautiful lighting and some really good textures.

Sound: 10
One of the best OSTs of any game, featuring tons of orchestral tracks that fit each galaxy perfectly. The hub world's music changes as you progress in the story, too.

Gameplay: 7
See, here's where the problems start popping up.
1) some levels are stupid hard and some are way too easy
2) you're using one analog stick in a 3d space...
3) when going around small planets, you'll start running in circles on the edges sometimes
But still, this game is incredibly fun
1) the stars feel rewarding to get
2) the hub is awesome
3) there are so many different galaxies with unique mechanics and power-ups

Overall: 9
Again; yeah, it's got its problems, but the good far outbalances the bad. I'm not sure what else to say. It's really an experience to play and I'd strongly suggest you do.

better than Mario Galaxy 2