Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Reviewer: Meech Date: Aug 15, 2023
Undoubtedly the most disliked Smash Bros. game and the worst competitively. But I will be looking at it purely from a casual perspective.

Graphics: 7
The graphics were certainly an interesting choice. Brawl had a very dark color palette compared to practically every other game in the series. They decided to go with a more realistic look which made Mario look like he was wearing jeans. I'm not the biggest fan of this as it causes the game to look a little washed out. That being said the graphics themselves aren't bad and can certainly be great if upscaled.

Sound: 6
There's really nothing all that special here. It does the job, not my favorite soundtrack in the Smash Bros. series.

Gameplay: 8
I think this game has the best single player experience of any Smash Bros. game. The subspace emissary is truly a fun experience especially compared to Melee which had a frankly poor single player. Biggest issues are the multiplayer which had tripping, removed practically all major tech to attempt to make the game more casual friendly, but I think it fails on this front by removing overall depth to playing. Random tripping and Meta Knight being simply overpowered make competitive play redundant. Still a great casual experience regardless.

Overall: 7
This game has always had an awkward placement in the series. But overall I think it's a good edition and built the foundation of what Smash Bros. is today. Great single player fun and decent multiplayer fun which leads to a great casual experience.

Overall 7/10 would recommend.


Reviewer: Priest_Sun Date: May 25, 2022
Brawl, a strangely controversial topic, in this review, I will explain the ins and outs of "Smash Brothers Brawl" such as negatives, positives and everything in-between.

Graphics: 9
I am assuming that everyone here knows that, for the time, the Wii was incredibly under-powered compared to its competitors (PS3 + Xbox 360), so if you are planning to run the game on original hardware, no, it will not look the best, however, if you do plan to use an emulator (such as dolphin) with an up-scaling feature, Brawl's graphics are quite comparable to that of smash ultimate's for the switch, so in conclusion, it looks amazing compared to other Wii games, and on an emulator, it looks as good as a game from this console era.

Sound: 8
The sound isn't anything special, it does it's job and doesn't affect the experience in a negative way.

Gameplay: 10
This section is normally the controversial bit, purely because it did something no other smash game had or would ever do...
It was different.
It tweaked the smash formula slightly to define itself as its own game, it was slower, they implemented random tripping making the game less about combos and more about feeling good because you got one heavy hit on that one CPU you've been picking on for the last minute, but, that's the exact thing that makes brawl its own, it dared to do something different, something special for the fans of the previous games, but for some odd reason, it's one of the most hated on games because of it, and in my opinion, that's just unfair.

Overall: 10
I know this is supposed to be the conclusion, but I wanted to quickly mention the highly skilled modding community for this game, it has so many members and really opens up all and any opportunity in brawl.
Anyway, if you haven't played brawl, do yourself a favor and just do. Its one of, if not the best game ever made

Play the game, mod the game, share the game, because this is a real diamond in the rough.


Reviewer: Ethan Nelsen Date: Apr 10, 2019
GG, nintendo

Graphics: 7
Given the fact that the wii wasn't much more powerful than the gamecube, the only way to make it look "better" was to make more realistic and gritty textures. Unfortunately, these don't look very appealing when you zoom in on them.

Sound: 9
The music is a stellar composition, and is remix into so many interesting ways that it's bound to be stuck in your head after a while, especially since there are lyrics o the main theme (in Latin).

The sound effects also pack a punch that makes every hit so satisfying.

Gameplay: 9
I would give the gameplay a (controversial) 9/10 because how easy it is for beginners to play. As many people as I know that shit on this game, they all agree that this was their childhood, and the fact that a 3 year old could figure out the menus and gameplay is a difficult task

Overall: 8
It doesn't stand up well compared to the other smash titles, but that's okay because the other smash titles are elites, and every series has to have a hiccup to improve.

This game is also really easy to mod, so that adds points.