Classic Concentration

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Reviewer: Mark Date: Jul 14, 2003
"Classic Concentration" was a revival of the "Concentration" gameshow made for NBC in 1987; it aired through 1993; however the last 2 years were reruns. Alex Trebek hosted; of course, most of you probably know him better as the host of Jeopardy!

Graphics: 8
Sharp; full color rebuses; realistic looking contestants and puzzle board; and a nice recreation of the set.

Sound: 2
Unfortuently, there is no sound in this game-except for the Gametek standard-an annoying piece of music that plays repetively throughout the game-and I don't know of any way to turn it off.

Gameplay: 10
True to the game-in one of its many formats; the one the game uses is the player who wins 2 games out of 3 wins the match, and gets to play for the car. As per the show; you got a base time of 35 seconds; each time the car doesn't get won, 5 more seconds are added on.

Overall: 8
Overall; a very nice recreation of the TV show...and much better than the PC counterpart.