Cosmic Spacehead

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Reviewer: The Great Mr. Kasi Date: Mar 20, 2006
Okay, first off, this is one of those odd ball games you find every once in a while. The plot is cheesy, the gameplay is weird, and the entire thing is pointless.

Graphics: 9
Everything is clean and nice. Sometimes there is sparse backgrounds, but that is rare. It is just so inherently stupid, it is funny.

Sound: 7
The sound for pretty much any game back then wasn't spectacular, but this is fairly decent. My only complaint is the sound of teleporting, but to make that go away, just simply pause the game and unpause.

Gameplay: 8
This is a point and click adventure. When going between the towns you do a little platforming thing. The bad thing about is that you can't attack. Touching anything will kill you basically. The best part though is the puzzles. They are either insanely simple, that it is impossible not to solve. Or they are so difficult, the answer sort of screams itself at you.

Overall: 8
Essentially, this is a terrific puzzler. Everything about it is above average, especially for the Genesis. The platforming can be really frustrating, but it more than makes up for it in fun gameplay.