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Reviewer: gunken Date: Jan 4, 2023
Tetris is one of the most popular games of it's genre, but that begs the question, which Tetris game is the best? I believe it is Tetris DS for reasons I will go over.

Graphics: 9
The graphics of Tetris DS makes it stand out when compared to the majority of other Tetris games. It is themed after classic games from the NES. This gives the game lots of charm, even disregarding the potential nostalgia you may experience. Each of the modes in Tetris DS are themed after a different retro game. The heavily inspired look of the game does mean the game lacks very much identity of it's own, but this is a very small issue. I enjoy the graphics of Tetris DS a great bit!

Sound: 7
The sounds of Tetris DS are retro 8-bit tunes and noises, which fit perfectly with the graphics. The sound effects can get slightly annoying after awhile, keep in mind. The music consists of remixed tracks from various NES games. The remixes add certain instruments and in some cases, make the tracks faster. Overall, the sound of Tetris DS is very enjoyable, but nothing groundbreaking.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay of Tetris DS is beyond superb and wildly addicting. The game features many delightful modes aside from the already perfect Tetris gameplay. These other modes change up the classic Tetris formula a lot, while still feeling like Tetris. The game also has very good multiplayer modes. You can play locally or online, although since the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection servers used to enable online play have been sadly discontinued, you'll have to connect to a fan-made server such as Wiimmfi. The gameplay of Tetris DS is amazing, if not perfect.

Overall: 9
Tetris DS is an amazing puzzle game, with great graphics, nice sounds, and near perfect gameplay that I highly recommend to fans of Tetris.