Eternal Champions

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Reviewer: Mel Date: Feb 6, 2023
Eternal Champions is a fighting game with a lot of promises, but it ends up falling rather flat. For those who are interested in picking up this game, it's likely that you'll like the story and soundtrack more than the gameplay itself. Once you get the feel of this game, you may realize that it's essentially watered-down Mortal Kombat.

Graphics: 7
The graphics in this game are pretty decent, especially the stage backgrounds. Some of the movement feels stiff, however. The art looks rather muffled at times, especially in some of the character's selection portraits. Nonetheless, most of the animation is smooth and it even compliments some of the characters well. I particularly love the character's winning animations; Larcen sometimes drags his finger across his neck... absolutely badass. Certain characters beating up the SEGA logo when you boot up the game is a small but rather cool detail.

Sound: 7
This game makes excellent use of the often looked down upon GEMS driver. However, some stage tracks in this game do feel like they're lacking something, as if the composer(s) didn't feel like adding anything more to them. Despite such, it has a good soundtrack that fits the characters they're attached to well. The sound effects in this game are satisfying to listen to; hearing those classic hit sounds as you beat your opponent up is just great, it adds more "oomph" to your hits.

Gameplay: 4
The gameplay, unfortunately, feels clunky and unresponsive at times. The controls are lackluster and characters have moves that they can easily abuse; it feels as though nothing was balanced in this game whatsoever. Gameplay in 1st player mode gets frustrating very easily and the difficulty feels artificial, especially when you reach the final boss.

Overall: 6
This game has neat details strewn about, but as a fighting game, it doesn't hold up very well on its own. The saving grace of this game is the story. You're better off just playing Mortal Kombat.

A game with a good story and interesting characters but mediocre gameplay. Play if you wish, but don't expect a fantastic experience.
Miscellaneous note: each stage has a special killing animation if you defeat your opponent on a specific part of them; very cool (and gory) detail, but it's easy to miss because most of these special animations are only accessible if your opponent's body lands in a pixel perfect spot.