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Reviewer: Brian Date: Mar 24, 2006
Who You Gonna Call... for great classic Genesis Action, Ghostbusters! This is not just another "Ghost-Busting" business starter like the classic NES version, this is a whole new story, which puts our heroes (execpt Winston who is mysteriously missing, maybe went on vacation) investigating a mysterious stone tablet meanwhile battling new villains and old (with a special appearance of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Slimer) so grab your particle throwers and get ready to bust some a spiritual sense of course!

Graphics: 7
The graphics are 16 bit, better than any other Genesis game that was out in the time this game came out. The nice detail of the Ghostbusters is great (makes them look like their movie counterparts), the ghosts are good looking and the levels are alright in view.

Sound: 5
The music is alright, but they should have made the whole Ghostbusters theme instead of the second chorus of the song over and over again. The menu music is very annoying, this gamer kept humming the tune due to it was annoying yet catchy. The different level music was good and the sound fx were good. The only good thing is we didn't have to just hear the theme song over and over again (aka NES Version)!

Gameplay: 7
Just your basic platformer, jump here, blast this, grab that, etc. the only thing that makes this different from the Sonic or the Mario type games is the different kinds of Ghostbusting weapons and items you can choose from (you have to buy them which is a downer) also after you battle a middle ghost you get the classic Ghostbusting / Trapping part where you have to try to put the spirit into the Ecto Ghost Trap. That was a very good addition to the middle ghost battles.

Overall: 8
Overall it's a very addictive game, if you're willing to try something differently pick this up. A must have for all Ghostbusters fans or non Ghostbusters fan who like these types of games.

A very good game for classic gaming. If your games are getting bored and need a classic gaming fix, you know who to call!