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Reviewer: Jereme Date: Mar 16, 2008
The Humans (AKA Introducing the Humans) is a great game. It's very fun, especially if you like puzzle games. This game will get you thinking! You use early humans to discover the wheel, the spear, and more. You have to reach a certain spot within each level, but finding how to reach that spot is the brain twister! Use your humans to form human ladders and use the spear to polevault across gaps! Having around 150 levels and gaining in mind-bending puzzles, you must avoid dinosaurs, discover new things, save people, and find your way to the goal. This is a must-play for all puzzle lovers!

Graphics: 8
Compared to today's XBox 360 and Playstation 3, these graphics may make you laugh, but for the game back in its time period, the graphics are great.

Sound: 9
Compared to Dolby Digital surround, of course this sound isn't "perfect", but it is of great quality for the Genesis. Especially since you can control the volume of the sound and music and even have the chance to have it turned completely off.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay is what makes this game. It's fun figuring out what to do with your humans to reach the goal. To reach high places, you use one or more other humans to form a ladder for you to climb. To get past gaps, you polevault across it with a spear, then throw it back for your other fellow humans. This game has around 150 levels, so the game is worth playing even after you beat it, especially since you forget how to defeat a stage.

Overall: 9
Compared to today's systems this game may not seem like much, but for the Genesis this game is awesome! Great sound, good graphics, and awesome gameplay. In a similar vein of "Lemmings", definitely play this game and check it out for yourself.

If you don't try this game, you're missing out on a great puzzle game!