Adventures of Bayou Billy, The

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Reviewer: nec5 Date: Jun 16, 2002
Its been a while since I first played The Adventures of Bayou Billy. The plot is simple enough. This evil southern boss has kidnapped your girl. Time for a good ol' fashioned rescue. Along the way, you'll shoot, fight, and drive over the bad guys.

Graphics: 8
Fairly well done. For the NES, these graphics really are quite good. Konami, as usual, pulls off another pretty game. Billy is dressed in his southern vest and straw hat. The animation of the fight scenes are pretty standard. The shooting portion of the game has excellent artwork. Finally, the driving section of the game has above average graphics. The roads don't present a lot of variety, but the cars and explosions are good enough.

Sound: 9
Well, the sounds are terrific. Explosions, grunts, punches, and engines all sound superb.

The music is a mixed bag. Some of the regular fighting stages having average repetive tunes. However, stage 3 has unique boss music which is as good today as it was when the game was releaed. The driving scenes also have rather catchy tunes. The shooting portion is okay. I wish there were more songs but what exists is excellent. Another Konami NES success.

Gameplay: 10
This game deserves a ten. Yes, the fighting portion can be a bit tedious and difficult. However, Bayou Billy is really three games in one. You fight the bad guys, using fists, kicks, sticks, guns, and whips. Then you'll move into a shooter mode. If you're playing the NES, use the option that enables the zapper. However, I always found playing without the zapper gun to be easier. You just move the crosshairs around and fire. A variety of henchmen appear shooting and throwing dynamite. Very neat. Finally, the game features a driving mode. Its simplistic, but the music keeps you moving and it gives you a break from fighting. Tons to do.

Overall: 9
Bayou Billy was really a breath of fresh air when it came out. No other game that I can think of had this kind of variety. If this had been a pure fighting game, its score would be a 4 or 5. When coupled with shooting and driving, the game keeps you happy. Even by today's standards, this game serves up serious variety. Its also quite challenging so you won't be beating it without some serious practice.

I loved this game when it came out. Now, I don't get very far before dying but I still admire it. Konami had a nice little title with this one. On the humorous side, the game includes someone actually saying ""The Adventure of Bayou Billy"" aloud(a rarity in NES games). The pronunciation sounds hilarious. Just listen and you'll gag.

Play the training modes. Each mode will give a bonus if you complete it. These bonuses apply to the main game. For example, completing the fighting training mode gives you meat(doubles your life bar for your first life).

Learn to use the whip when you get it. I don't see how you can beat the final twin bodyguards without its range. Make sure you keep the whip before you enter the estate. Trust me, the final bosses are tough.