Kid Chameleon

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Reviewer: Enemycoke Date: Jan 12, 2008
Wow! I grew up on this game, 18 now and it was got for me Christmas when I was 5 or 6. Coming down the hall all sleepy eyed finding that beautiful Genesis box with Kid right their next to it...I freaked, along with my sister who is about 6 years my senior, and lets just say there was no disappointment.

Graphics: 9
Everything in this game looks awesome. Definitely behind a lil of the videogame code along with the Splatterhouse series. Some of my family couldn't believe it, Freakin' demons and rivers of lava and blood, just awesome.

Sound: 9
The sound effects are a very well mastered and much better than those random as all let out beeps on other games for a thud or freak. You can actually hear the game talk to you "Ow" "Die!!" along with thuds and grunts to make every marioesque head bashing a delightful experience

Gameplay: 10
Literally one of the funniest games I've ever played. I must sadly say I have never beat it without cheating but I still try darnest.
I loved the idea of the mask powerups. Similar to the Mario power ups like leaf and toad but much more awesome. There's a guy with a rocket skateboard!!! Come on! The opening fmv is just oozing liquid awesomeness "a kid who was too tough to beat" *throws leather jacket, metal music plays* ooooo Awesome! That opening video sets the tone for the entire game.
Stupid ice level

Overall: 9
Very fun, maybe a little hard.

You should play it right now, If you have a joy stick plug that sucker in because no matter how hard you try you won't get the effect without it.

Filled with little secrets and hidden boxes that are just fun to find. The only actual cheat in the whole game is almost not worth it, on the first level, and it takes you to the last boss.
Oh yeah, and some of these levels are crazy and will make you freak the first time though.
If you take the time to beat it you get closure even if the ending is lackluster the game was Awesomecore.