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Days of Thunder

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Reviewer: Mark Date: Jul 14, 2003
"Days of Thunder" is the game based on the 1990 movie starring Tom Cruise as an up-and-coming stock car driver on the NASCAR circuit. The game; while loosely portraying the movie has some loose ends.

Graphics: 1
The tracks are pitiful-two colored stripes all the way around. Cars seem to consist of 2 colors; the track environment is bare bones. Not too much to say-because they're aren't any!

Sound: 1
There's sound? Seriously; the engine noise is barely detectable; and the theme music seems as if they ripped it together in 4 minutes.

Gameplay: 2
Game is too hard...Pit Road is a definite challenge-you have to manually jack the car up, and manually add the fuel; change tires; etc. You can't change the setup, meaning if your car isn't as good as the top 3; too bad-you're stuck with it. The players fuel milage doesn't seem to be as good either.

Overall: 1
At all costs, avoid this game. It was a sorry excuse to attempt to captalize on the movie. You're much better off trying Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge; if you want a racing game from that era.