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Deadly Towers

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Reviewer: electric tiger Date: Aug 29, 2001
I may be one of the only people in America who likes this game. There is a certain charm about it I cannot describe. The graphics, while not particularly good, have a brighness to them not found in many other games, and have a charm of their own, in that this game looks like no other game of which I know. The Music, in my opinion, is phenomenal, and has a nice 17th century feel to it. I particularly like the Tower Music. I would have rated the gameplay much, much highed save for one thing that I absolutely detest about this game: I hate the incidental dungeons that you can wander into--mostly because they're endless (or can be, since they are ""arap-around""--which makes mapping difficut) and have very little of any value in them. All of the good items are found in the towers in secret zones. A word about the secret zones--these are areas you step into and are transported to another dimension--this is a very crude technique, I suppose, but it adds a sort of mystery to the game--there's a thrill when you step on the spot and find the legendary dragonslayer sword, or the magic armor. This is a very very difficult game, and won't be taken down lightly. The bosses are all hard, and about all the same with different colors and slightly different shapes. The final boss is hell on wheels, taking on three forms. And for once--a hard game has a good ending--go figure. I have always despised games with poor endings. A pet peeve of mine. Anyway, this game takes some getting used to, and a lot of patience. I think it's worth checking out. It might just be for you.