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Reviewer: Lacynth40 Date: Jun 11, 2012
The Sega version of Shadowrun was probably the most influential game I ever owned for the Genesis. It was the first game I ever saw the ending of, and that AFTER having owned an NES and SNES for years. It was the first to grab my waning attention span, and convince me to buy products the game was based on. I never played Top Gun, Jaws, or Karate Kid on the NES, and then HAD to go watch the movies. They sucked, and were horrible translations into the video game world. Shadowrun wasn't. The soul of it was there in sprite form on my screen.

Graphics: 9
For the time, the graphics were awesome. This game used every bit of the Genesis' power, devoted to making a wide open world that was dark and colorful at the same time. You could tell the difference between different types of enemies from the top-down view, and could instantly tell if you could take them, or if you had to run like a little b***h. The sprites were well done, and the environment was varied as much as the Genesis could handle.

Sound: 10
The background music. Oh man... The songs on this cartridge were so inspired, and memorable. A friend of mine downloaded the music for one of our gaming sessions, and we stopped what we were all doing to point out where in the game the music was from. That doesn't happen across a group of people very often. Usually, the music is something repetitive that you want to mute instantly, or it just fades into the background to be forgotten. Unless you are one of those kids that can identify any FF 7 song other than One Winged Angel. Those kids are weird.

Gameplay: 8
Ok, going to be honest here. Once you have your character and henchmen set up equipment-wise, you aren't going to be mucking with the set-up that often. After about the last quarter of the game, you just need to buy supplies. But, that last quarter is in plot, not actual gameplay. You can spend days getting to that last quarter of plot, and then zoom through it. No need for upgrades after a certain point. You already have either the best equipment, or good enough equipment. As far as actual play goes, you can micromanage or not, up to your play style. But, you will get tired of hitting the same button over and over again.

Overall: 9
Overall, this game is as good as it gets on the Genesis. The SNES version was a little bit worse, with fewer options for upgrading equipment, worse gameplay, and a horrible team management system. Compared to other games on the Genesis, it's not competition. The story itself is engaging, far more than any other plotline on the system. Of course, it helps when you take crib sheets from a story and gaming system already set-up for you. But, not even that always works. Look at the SNES version for an example.

The cheat code. Dear gods, when I finally found out about the cheat code (this was before the internet was a major thing...), I was amazed. And a little disappointed in myself. One of these days, I will finish the game without cheating. Maybe when I have a few months to devote to it.