Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master

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Reviewer: Nathaniel Date: Jun 23, 2008
I've had a Sega Genesis for a long time now. This is absolutely one of my favorite games of all time. This is definitely Shinobi at his best.

Graphics: 10
The graphics are some of the best I've seen on a Genesis game. The backgrounds are detailed, and colorful, but not overdone. The rooms in the base, the bio lab, and the palace on the mountain, are done very nicely.
The sprites move pretty smoothly, especially Shinobi himself, and Zeed. Shinobi's movements, such as drawing his katana, or blocking, or throwing shurikens, are VERY well-done. One of my favorite stages of this game has Shinobi on his Jet Board, gliding on the water across Tokyo bay(with Zeed's minions on their air bikes chasing you and trying to kill you, of course!) Everything just moves together beautifully.

Sound: 10
You know, years ago, I compared SF II Champion edition to SF II Turbo, and I ended up hating SF II Champion edition because of it. Genesis doesn't always have as good of sound as SNES, in my opinion. But this game delivers some catchy tunes, some of which I get stuck in my head almost as much as old Megaman NES tunes. The tracks to the Jet Ski level, and the final level when you're on the airship have some pretty good kick to them.
Sound FX are pretty straight-forward; shuriken throws, strikes, and ricochets. The swish of Shinobi's katana sounds very real, and the voice in this game are pretty good for Genesis.
Overall, great sound for a Genesis game!

Gameplay: 10
This is my favorite Sega game for this reason: I have absolutely NO complaints about gameplay. The control is AMAZING! The only minor flaw is that Shinobi's double jump doesn't always work, but then again, the controller I have is old, so it could just be me. ^_^
Everything else is great! The enemies are challenging, and aren't near impossible like some in Revenge Of Shinobi(wherein if you were in the wrong position, or couldn't shoot through a wall, you had to take them head-on amidst a swarm of flamethrower fire or ninja stars). But I think the final level and final boss may be a bit too easy.
I definitely rank replay value at 101%!

Overall: 10
Overall, one of my favorite games of all time! This one is the fun one out of the Shinobi series, and has the most fun stuff in it, like the jump kick, the FAR MORE EXECUTABLE double jump, and the dash attack. The cool graphics, the great sound and the amazing control make me proud to still own my Sega Genesis.

This game is fun either downloaded or bought and owned. I do play both, but I still love the feeling of the Sega controller in my hand far more. If you don't own this game, GO FIND IT. If you want to download an amazing Genesis game, THIS one is one of the standout few!