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Reviewer: Jam Jaw Date: Jun 13, 2005
I grew up playing Sonic games, and I still play them. But I never got a chance to reveiw such a beautiful title, until now.

Graphics: 10
The graphics are a lot better compared to Sonic 1 and 2. From the sandy paradise of Sandopolis to the deviously advanced Death Egg, these graphics will make you remember this game for years and years.

Sound: 10
Absolutely beautiful for a Sega game. It has the classic jump sound and even the "BOING" when you land on a spring board. The music is wonderful, and each is different for each part of the level. The Boss battles make the situation intense.

Gameplay: 10
You finaly get to play as Knuckles! YAY! There is even a story line continuing from where Sonic 3 left off :-). This game will make you want to play again and again, and even if you stop playing for a year u'll play it a few times again, and even though it was made in 1994, it will never get old!

Overall: 10
I'd give this game an 11 out of ten, but I guess 10's good too. No way I'll throw this gam in the trash, i'd take it with me to my deathbed. In fact after this reveiw, I think i'll play it again.

Like I said earlier, I grew up to this game. I still remember the music, the gameplay, the sounds, the graphics, the levels, everything. I HIGHLY recommend getting this game, and if you're not a Sonic fan, get it anyway ^_^