Splatterhouse 3

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Reviewer: owlwatcher_974 Date: Mar 5, 2006
I've loved the Splatterhouse series from the moment I first saw the original game in the arcade. While Splatterhouse 2 attempts to follow its arcade predecessor, Splatterhouse 3 takes the series to a whole new dimension.

Graphics: 9
The graphics are in a class of their own. Wonderfully gory details add to the atmosphere of this game. From the blood spattered floors and walls to the guts in the corners of the rooms to the gory destruction of the various enemies, the graphics are pure Splatterhouse serving their purpose to add a spooky dimension to the game. Although the graphics may seem a little dated compared to the newer games, they are still wonderfully sick and twisted.
The monsters are original and creepy. The fight scenes are nicely done and characters all well animated.

Sound: 8
The music and sound effects are both chilling and atmospheric. The musical score conveys a sense of urgency while the sound effects between levels adds to the spooky atmosphere of the game.
The various sound effects are also well done - from the sound of the weapons hitting the enemies to the sounds of the enemies dying.

Gameplay: 9
The controls are fairly simple but several different weapons and attacks keep the game game from becoming repetitious. The new moves remind me more of the arcade games like Double Dragon and Final Fight while the weapons and gore are pure Splatterhouse all the way. Monsters can be beaten with boards, hit with bricks, chopped in half with a meat cleaver, or attacked by Rick's exploding guts along with various other interesting attacks. The only thing missing here is the slide attack from the first two games.

The special attacks take some time to learn but are easy enough to master making them a lot of fun to use. The 'powered up' Rick delivers one of the most wonderfully disgusting attacks I have ever seen.

The monsters are smart and dangerous without being overwhelming forcing the player to use strategy to destroy them while trying not to use too much time.
The story line is great and pushes the player to try and save Rick's family while challenging every move Rick makes. At times the game can get a little frustrating when attempting to finish a level in time to save Rick's wife and son while being attacked by the most unusual monsters one could possibly dream of. But the pure originallity of this game quickly makes up for any frustration the timer brings about.
Multiple endings are possible depending upon how much time the player takes making the timer a nice addition to the game even with the frustration it brings.

Overall: 9
The atmosphere created by the music and graphics is pure Splatterhouse at its gory best. Various weapons and means of destroying the monsters makes this game fun and visually appealing.

Splatterhouse 3 takes the Splatterhouse series forward to a new dimension without loosing the feel and originallity of the original arcade game making it one of my all time favorite console games.


Reviewer: Chris Date: Sep 4, 2005
Splatterhouse 3 is a game like no other. Made by Namco, this horror game used to make me scream back in the days. It's good action and tuff bosses keep you playing this Sega Classic.

Graphics: 10
Splatterhouse 3 graphics are beautiful for a sega Genesis game. It is not choppy and it does not run slow. You are able to battle Many monsters on one time.

Sound: 8
The sound in Splatterhouse 3 is not that great of perfection, but it is great. Some theme songs in this game are great and are recongnizable after a while.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay of Splatterhouse 3 is awesome. The game never gets boring. Each and every stage has new monsters that you incounter which are stronger and faster. The A.I. also gets more smarter as well. Also you can collect eyeballs to get energy to become a huge bodybuilder type of guy. You just beat monsters up after that. but it don't last long. Recommend you save that energy for the bosses.

Overall: 10
Splatterhouse 3 is a instant classic. This is a title that not much people knew about. This game desivered attention. More games like this classic need to be made for the new generation of videogames.

Splatterhouse 3 is a great game, please don't ignore it. If you like nice graphics, great gameplay, and great sound then this title is for you.