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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

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Reviewer: LiziPancake Date: Sep 11, 2019
This is a fantastic fps for the psp, with graphics of higher quality than the norm for this system. While there are more than a fair few load screens, they are mere seconds long. It has nice gunplay, and a lock-on feature to make up for the lack of right stick. Excellent choice for fans of the anime

Graphics: 8
This game looks beautiful, and runs well in PPSSPP, viewing the game at 1280x800 shows the few flaws of the models, but they are expected. There are patches to push this game to a proper 60 fps for those who need buttery smooth gameplay, however even at 30 fps it feels smooth and sweet.

Sound: 8
The voice acting is great, better than you would expect for a psp game based off of an anime. The guns sound punchy as well.

Gameplay: 10
This games has great gameplay, only having the issues you'd expect from a psp game control-wise, however anyone emulating on PPSSPP with a proper controller or mouse can use a right-stick aiming patch to fix the aiming, and remap the controls to be comfortable for you.

Overall: 8
Overall this is one of the best GPS games I've played on psp. If you want more fps games and are emulating them, there are few to none better than this one, it also has a great story.

While this game plays well on PSP, I would highly recommend using PPSSPP as you can fix any issues you have with controls, resolution, or framerate.