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Desert Commander

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Reviewer: Grant Rodiek Date: Jun 20, 2001
This is a game for the patient strategist. You are a commander of an elite desert force. It is for one or two players. You first pick your skill level, which is basically how badly your opponent outnumbers you. Then you select which units you want, and how many you want of each. The computer determines your total unit number. Pick wisely. I found that a combination of artillery and anti-aircraft guns worked due to their range and effectiveness against most adversaries. However, picking a force entirely composed of bombers and fighters is kinda fun, and it speeds the process up. Choosing your troops makes each scenario different, so experiment and have fun. Combat is less exciting. You basically move your troops into position, and the computer selects causalties at random. Certain weapons do more damage and are more effective than others, it takes a bit to figure out the best thing to attack with what you are given. Be patient and beat the computer. I'm Out.