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Reviewer: Adam Date: Aug 22, 2009
Vectorman came out just as the Genesis was growing obsolete. The new generation of consoles was being rolled out, and the 16 bit systems were struggling to maintain their relevance. This game, for me, bought Sega a little time, with challenging gameplay and impressive graphics.

Graphics: 9
This is about as solid as graphics get for a 16-bit system. The colors and figures are sharp and memorable. Vectorman moves with dynamic fluidity and the lighting and color of the levels brings unparalleled detail and realism to the Genesis. This is a lot to ask for from a side-scrolling platform game, and Vectorman delivers.

Sound: 7
The music is solid and the game's theme will stick with you. The other sound effects are dynamic and rapid-fire.

Gameplay: 8
It's a challenging game but a rewarding experience. Pick up power-ups in televisions and find score multipliers. You'll collect things that look like snowflakes, but there's little reason to obsess about finding them all. They serve no real purpose.

While the levels are essentially linear, the game creates the solid illusion to the contrary. The story is kind of ridiculous and you'll forget it as soon as you leave the exposition screen. The real point is the enjoyability of the game itself.

Overall: 8
Vectroman is a fundamentally solid, challenging, enjoyable game that offers occasionally brilliant and memorable moments. While it never fully rises up to the level of the more celebrated games of its ilk, it's an easy game to recommend.

Summary: Strong graphics and interesting gameplay.