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Donkey Kong Jr.

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Reviewer: D. Date: Feb 15, 2002
Donkey Kong, Jr. Another title that needs no review, but what the hell? I'm bored, so just read this.
In yet another arcade classic, you play the role of Junior. Your mission, to rescue your big daddy DK from the evil clutches of Mario. Yeah, that's right. The classic good guy, Mario, IS THE BAD GUY! This game should please you Mario haters out there.

Graphics: 8
As with Donkey Kong, you must remember how old this game is. The graphics in this early game was as good as some mid-to-late 80's games. It might not stand next to PS2 or X-Box graphics, but then, what does?

Sound: 5
The sound is OK, nothing to cry about, but better than it's predecessor. The music isn't flashy, but it fits the game. Trust me, you'll be too busy to really notice.

Gameplay: 8
This is one of the funnest games you will ever play. You have to climb up vines to the top, while avoiding chompers thrown by the evil, sinister Mario (I just like saying that.). It doesn't sound like much, but when you play, you'll be satisfied with it.

Overall: 9
With great graphics (for the time.), decent sound (again, for the time.), and great gameplay (for any time.), this game is a definate must play for anyone from those like me who has many memories of spending quarters on it, to newbies who haven't played it yet (yeah, right.).

Did I mention that MARIO IS THE BAD GUY in this game? Oh yeah, I did, several times. So what? It's the only one, and it's the most fun you'll ever have watching Mario fail.