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Donkey Kong

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Reviewer: Tommy Arcade Date: Apr 18, 2003
Hey Guys!! Tommy Arcade here! I bet all you video gamers in the Nintendo world always ask the same question sometimes. Where did Mario come from?? If you think he started in the game Super Mario Bros., You're Wrong!!! If you think was as far as the Classic Mario Bros., Try Again!!! He got his first start alongside his Simian Co-Star in DONKEY KONG. This game really was a great game in its time. People still play the game today in arcades or on the New Nintendo Game Boy Advance e-Reader. The story is that Mario has to climb the tower and reach the top to get to his Girlfriend before Donkey Kong nails you with his barrels, spring launchers, and Fryguy henchmen. This game has 3 stages and multiple levels. Lets review this Hot Tomato!!

Graphics: 6
Descent Graphics. Mario looks good for his first time and the monkey looks Liquored up and Pi$$ed off, The way he should be!! If I had myself a few shots of Whiskey, Id start throwing Spring Launchers too, but thats just me (by the way, I never drink). The GF always looks the same and she wears a tacky pink dress. I deducted 3 points for bad fashion sense and 1 point for Donkey Kongs refusal to admit himself inot Rehab for his drinking problem.

Sound: 4
Sounds are iffy. Nothing really toe tapping to go with the game. Except when Mario grabs the hammer. It sounds nice and fits with it. They could really use some other music but these sounds were descent at the time period it was made. If Nintendo had their choice, they would have put like 80s music to the soundtrack like Duran Duran or Cyndi Lauper or the very infamous Madonna. Here would be my song list for the levels: 1) Toto-Africa 2) Madonna-Like a Virgin 3) Men Without Hats-Safety Dance

Gameplay: 8
Great Gamplay. The task may be the same for each stage, but its challenging and fun just to get to the top of the tower. Always fun each time u pop in the cartridge. I deducted 2 points for the overshadowing of luigi. Where is he at? hes probably on a beer run for DK. After the game, they all tap the keg and have themselves a real heck of a shindig.

Overall: 6
Nice game. A real nice time killer. It was great back then, its great in 2003. I like this game and it is a classic. Donkey Kong will always be a part of Video Games for generations to come.


Reviewer: D. Date: Feb 15, 2002
What? No one reviewed this game yet? No one really has to, everyone should know this game by now, but I'm bored, so what the hell, here goes. This game was released in the very early 80's by Nintendo, although many still think Coleco released it (remember them?), but it has been proven otherwise. Anyway, it was a big hit on the Atari VCS 2600, but it wasn't until 1986 that it came out for the NES. Oh yeah, duh, this was the game that gave birth to Nintendo's biggest star, Mario. You might have heard of DK too. Nobody knows what happened to Pauline (Mario's girlfriend before Princess Toadstool).

Graphics: 8
Comon, the game was released in 1981! Most games at that time had graphics made of white lines or dots on a black screen. (Umm, Asteroids, to name one.) So for the time, these graphics rocked! They would've scored higher, but since I'm rating the 1986 home version...

Sound: 4
OK, I understand the game was released in 1981, but the sound of Mario's steps tend to get on your nerves quick, as does his trademark jump sound (boing!). Other sound effects are pretty simple, and the music is nothing to brag about. Of course, most games of that era was lucky to have any music, so I'll give 'em some credit.

Gameplay: 7
I would've given a higher score, because it is a fun game. However, it's also pretty simple - run, climb ladders, jump over barrels, don't run directly into DK, climb the last ladder to pauline, and you're done. The second level is actually pretty good, with DK throwing, umm, 'springs' at you. The third and basically last level consists of avoiding, umm, 'fire-duck-things', while knocking out supports so that DK will fall from the rafters, allowing Mario to rescue Pauline. From then on, it's basically harder versions of the same three levels. Extra items include the hammer, which allows you to smash barrels and fire-duck-things for points. Also, collect Pauline's purse and umbrella for bonus points.

Overall: 9
I would've given this arcade classic a 10, but it's not quite Super Mario Bros. yet. It is, however, a very fun game.

Mario and Donkey Kong start thier journey into video gaming immortality with this great classic. Way back in the day, this game was right there with Pac-Man in recognition (probably still is.). For all of you who haven't played this yet (all one of you. Anyone under 3 doesn't count.), get out of that cave you've been living in, get a copy of this game, and enjoy.