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Double Dare

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Reviewer: Mark Date: Jul 14, 2003
"Double Dare" was the classic kids gameshow that aired on Nickelodeon from 1986-1993; and again in 2000. Currently, its in repeats on the digital cable station "Nick GAS". The game was a solid effort from Gametek-one of their better games.

Graphics: 8
For a gameshow adaption, they were about as good as one could expect. The podiums, while not identical to the show, were a good attempt at the set; as were physical challenges. The only complaint is the drawing of the host-he looks more like JD Roth of Fun House.

Sound: 6
Sound wasn't apparent; music was-as each physical challenge and tossup had its own string of music. The only "sounds" were that of a corect answer (bing!) and a buzzer (bzzzz!)

Gameplay: 7
Somewhat advanced; the questions are hard now for the younger people; many related to mid-late 1980s pop culture. Some Physical Challenges are easy (Pie in your pants, Kangaroo Catch); as you only have to utiilize the "A" button, while in others, such as Putty Golf and Ring Toss, you have to determine the speed of your putt or toss; as well as the angle.

The obstacle course is near impossible-as you have to consistently hit left-right as to promote a true "running" motion; as well; on the mountain and the Icey slide; you have to do an up-right motion, as if you were climbing.

I've tried to beat this game since 1990-and have yet to do so.

Overall: 7
Overall, a solid effort from Gametek-much better than some of their other releases; and better than the PC version-this one was more true to form.