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Double Dragon

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Reviewer: Tommy Arcade Date: Nov 14, 2003
Hey Guys!!!! Tommy Arcade here!! My favorite pasttime when Im not working or with the girlfriend is going to guessed it..the arcade! Its kind of a ritual for me to go in because the one game I like in particular in the arcades is Double Dragon. This is a game where you are Billy Lee, a dragon master. One half of the legendary Double Dragons. Its your task to go through numerous enemies and 4 different missions in order to save your girlfriend, Jennifer. You pick up numerous weapons along the way. Each time you get enough points, you recieve a heart. The more hearts you have, the more unique and different moves you can use on your journey. nice classic game and Im gonna plug this bad bisnitch with some ratings.

Graphics: 7
The graphics are nice. You can see Billy and the other henchmen kick the living crap out of each other. The backgrounds look to detail and to scale. All in all, this game layout looks good always. Had to deduct 3 points for the Abobo. What are they feeding this dude?? He looks like he gets a big heaping bowl of steroids and Schnaps for every meal... whats up wit dat???

Sound: 7
Sound is really nice. Especially the music at the final level and the intro of the game. Its really a nice tune and it really does get you in the fighting spirit. A knockout dragout tune is just what you need to start a nice bar room brawl... Deducted 3 points because the characters never make a sound when they are hit. You need to hear some screams to make it real.

Gameplay: 8
Great Gameplay! Billy Lee kicks some major A$$ as you lead him through 4 different missions and get him to the final level at the shadow lair. In order to reach there, you have to go through the entire Shadow Clan. A whole shadow army against one man. Piece of cake right?? Anyways, when I first played the game in the 80s, The shadow boss at the end of the game has a nice twist to it. The shadow boss is none other than Billys Brother, Jimmy Lee. The other half of the Double Dragons. Fighting your equal is never an easy task. He can do the exact same things if not better. Just keep Jimmy in the corners and keep kicking. He'll die sooner or later. When he is gone, you retrieve the love of your life and win the game.

Overall: 7
Overall, a great game for the adventure fighting game genre. If you are into the knockout dragout game with a nice twist, Double Dragon is for you. This is the first game in the Double Dragon Trilogy. Beating this game is only the beginning. The shadow continues and the adventure still lives on. I give this the Tommy Arcade Seal Of Approval!!!

Until next crime, Game It Up!!!!



Reviewer: Dan Date: Dec 13, 2001
Following the dramatic kidnapping of you girlfriend. You set out to find her and get revenge on her assailants, only to find yourself neck deep in trouble with no less that the Shadow Boss himself...

Graphics: 6
They were a little choppy, and the animation wasn't so great. These flaws probably only really stick out because of how cool the arcade version looked. Who out there remembers the cool little ""secrets"" like throwing the barrel straight up into the sky in level 1. They did their job. Some of the characters actually looked kind of cool, my fav being the acrobatic twins. The environments were varied and showed pretty good detail for the system.

Sound: 6
Nothing sticks out in my mind that much. The background music was ok, and the enemies sounded strangely ""crunchy"" when you hit them. Nothing bad, nothing outstanding... at least it won't get on your nerves.

Gameplay: 8
First I'll say that this game isn't that easy, and unfourtunately those two points were lost to cheapness. It gets frustrating when you start trading hits (because of coures you fall down quicker) or when you just can't seem to punch or kick at all without getting nailed. That out of my system... it is also very fun to play. Learning new moves like the mighty spin kick as you defeat enenmies is a great idea for a game of this type. The addition of weapons, like dynamite =P, adds even more variety. Overall a fun fighting/adventure game. The addition of the bigger sprites in the fighting mode was cool to.

Overall: 8
Definately fun, and definatly a classic. This was one of the first times we could beat on people in the streets on the Nes, and having a friend around to help waa even more fun. Get it now, but remember that mastery of the Double Dragon arts takes much time and patience. And look for that ultimate weapon for the last boss fight...

This series went on to spawn two sequels, which I liked just as much as the original, a cartoon (ugh), and an even worse movie.