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Double Dragon II: The Revenge

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Reviewer: Earl Lecompte Date: Nov 12, 2001
I've played all the Double Dragon games on the NES, is this the best one. It is all fun, and is surprisingly addictive. As Jimmy or Billy, you get revenge on this gang for killing Billy's girlfriend, who, in the original double dragon, was stolen by Jimmy. The story develops into something more with slides between levels. It is a sidescrolling fighting game.

Graphics: 8
The graphics themselves are average, but the animation is pretty funny. Guys enter the screen doing cartwheels. Some enemies are twice your size. The game plats usually so you can move up, down left and right, although some areas are limited to moving left and right. The graphics do a good job of representing this.

Sound: 10
The sounds are average and all, but the music is phenomenal in my opinion. I have plenty of the tracks of the game still lodged in my head. Sound effects of pulling of moves, especially the knee kick, are sometimes exaggerated, like the rest of the game.

Gameplay: 10
The fighting engine is superb. Moves range from punching and kicking to cyclones (hovering while spinning and kicking) to the patented knee kick, which takes practice to be used perfectly, but it kills most enemies with one blow. One confusing element of the game for beginners is that B attacks on the left of the screen and A attacks right, and both buttons together jump. This takes a while to get used to.

Overall: 10
This game is perfect as a multiplayer game: use the game genie codes for complete invulnerability and play with 2 players that can hit each other for amazingly hilarious results. Some levels, such as levels 5 through 7, have many platform elements that cause you to lose a life if you fail to succed them, which creates a wall for begginers that forces them to become experts at jumping. Now that I am used to them, I beleive them to be the funnest parts of the game (level 7 especially).

Point is, I love this game. It has three difficulty levels, but play on the hardest if you want to play all the levels. Practice makes perfect.